Mellben Signature Singapore opened at Bestway Building!

Are you a crab lovers?
Have you heard of  AMK Mellben seafood resturant?
Yes they have recently opened a new branch near Tanjong Pagar area.

It is located at 12 Prince Edward Road 079212, Bestway Building

Mellben Signature is well known for their crab dishes especially crab beehoon and butter crabs.
They only used live crab and that why the crab dishes are all very fresh and delicious!

Chilli Crab
Flavourful gravy that will make you asking for more after a taste of it.

Claypot Crab Bee Hoon
Delightfully sweet milky broth with thick mee hoon.

Butter Crab
Buttery Creamy gravy that will make you ask for more.

 Deep Fried Yam Scallops
This was rather unique I thought.

 Garlic Steamed Bamboo Clam 
Man... I like it with a lot of garlic!

Nyonya Style Steamed Fish
Satisfy your spicy and sour cravings with this.

 Mango and prawns
Mango and prawn just married beautifully!

 Salted Egg Pork Ribs
Love anything with salted egg and this is definitely a must try!

 Golden brown Signature Seafood Beancurd

 XO Sauce Asparagus with Shimeiji Mushroom
Wow I personally like this dish too!

Chilled Sweet & Sour Pork
You tried a lot ot sweet and sour pork but have you try one with ice?
This is the 1st time I see this unique dish. The outside skin is cold and the inside is hot!

The bloggers also did what they usually do before eating.
But here is a funny moment....

BIG CAMERA vs small camera... (Sheena's sad face)

The girls are busy scooping the bee hoon from the claypot.

Thanks Maybeline who is such a nice host that night.

We ended our meal with Hasma as dessert. 

My girlfriend, Maybeline so pretty right!
Thanks for the invitation again!
It is definitely a great recommendation for those who like to eat crab!

I guess this is definitely not he last time we will visit Mellben Signature.
Highly recommending everyone to give this restaurant a try for their crabs.

Mellben Signature 
Bestway Building, 
12 Prince Edward Road. 

Nearest MRT Station: Tanjong Pagar MRT Station (walkable distance). 

If you’re driving, it is charged at per entry. 
For reservations, please call 6220 5512
Check them out at:

Now, you can quote “WILLIAM” for 15% discount for bills $150 and above!! 
This is valid till the end of Aug 2014!!



  1. 1. Mix the sauce ingredients together first in a big bowl. Just put together water, tomato sauce, cornflour, sugar, and salt and mix them using a fork until they’re dissolved.

    2. Heat the saucepan or wok and add the vegetable oil.

    3. Sauté the chopped garlic until light brown (takes just a few seconds to a minute in a hot pan).

    4. Add the chopped red chilli and sauté quickly until you can smell the spice.

    5. Mix in the fresh crabs and fry them together until the crabs turn red (orange-y colour). The length of this will vary on the number of crabs being cooked at the same time – and their sizes.

    6. Once the crabs are red, slowly add the sauce mixture in. Mix in the oyster sauce and the garlic and herb salt. Stir and let simmer for about 10 – 15 minutes. Again, this will depend on the crab sizes and number. You’ll know when the crabs are cooked by the crab shell’s colour (turning orange).

    7. While still simmering, add the eggs in. And, break the eggs using your wooden spoon or fork. Make sure you do this quickly, so that the eggs won’t get lumpy.

    8. Then, add the freshly squeezed lime juice, spring onions and some fresh coriander. Stir.

    9. Once cooked, put the crabs in a big serving dish and drizzle the sauce on top. Then, sprinkle the rest of the chopped fresh coriander.

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