Hungry Ghost Ritual directed by Nick Cheung

Thanks Clover Flims for inviting me to the movie gala of Hungry Ghost Ritual held at Golden Village Grand, Great World City. We were invited for a cocktail session before the movie screening.

Hungry Ghost Ritual《盂兰神功》is Nick Cheung’s directorial debut, starring talented Taiwanese actress Annie Liu 刘心悠 and himself. The movie tells the story of a Cantonese opera troupe that is harassed by malicious spirits ten days before the Hungry Ghost Festival, also known as Yu Lan Jie 盂兰节. Footages from the CCTV, installed by Zonghua (by Nick Cheung), affirm his suspicions.

Who are these spirits and what exactly are they after?

Watch the trailer:

James and Maybeline

James, what kind of expression is this supposed to be?

Me and Maybeline

Me & Shaun Owyeong

Me and Sheron

Me and James

Me and Maybeline again with the tickets

Me and Crane

Shaun and James

Hong Kong actor Nick Cheung (张家辉) and actress’s Carrie Ng (吴家丽) also make an appearance during the gala premiere of Hungry Ghost Ritual.

Movie Review:
I'm sure many of you have see Nick Cheung acting in several  good movie like Unbeatable, The White Storm and Nightfall. Nich Cheung had proven to be a great actor throughout his acting career. I'm glad to see him venturing into writing and directing his first movie. This movie is definitely your must watch movie this Hungry Ghost Festival. Looking forward to see many more movie from Nick Cheung.

HUNGRY GHOST RITUAL is set to hit the cinemas in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong 10 July, in conjunction with the Hungry Ghost Festival!



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