Kiehl's 10th Anniversary in Singapore!

Happy 10th Birthday to Kiehl's Singapore!
Kiehl's has been delighting patrons around the world for 163 years with efficacious skincare and haircare formulas. That's a long history I know right!

 That's the #KiehlsUltraGenerous Truck that will be roving around Singapore! 
As part of this historic milestone, the company launched a series of exciting activities starting with the launch of Nature + The City – a global program that honors Kiehl’s heritage in philanthropy, the Arts, and its use of ingredients from nature since the company’s inception over 163 years ago.

To bring Nature + The City to life in Singapore, Kiehl’s has partnered with award-winning singer Olivia Ong to design a 10th Anniversary limited-edition Calendula Herbal Extract Toner and a Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque. 

Joining Ms. Ong in the initiative, are 7 of Singapore’s most exciting artists and influencers who has created artworks that conveys the incomparable way in which nature blends within Singapore, “The Garden City.” All artworks were inspired by one of Kiehl’s most iconic and long-standing ingredients from nature -- Calendula Flower -- as the focus. 

Kiehl's Boys and the host of the day.
(Left to right: Royce, Zach and Jem)

Fans are invited to write a Kiehl's Birthday Message and stand a chance to win a set of limited edition Kiehl's product designed by Olivia Ong.

Some are really written very nice!!! Check out the blue one!!!
Hem not written by me though...

At the #KiehlsUltraGenerous Truck, you will also get to see artwork done by Olivia Ong and 7 other personalities (Pornsak Prajakwit, Keith Png, Larry Yeo, G.T. Gan, Soh Ee Shaun, Wendy Cheng know also as Xiaxue and Yutaki James) all leaders in their fields, for Nature + The City art project. 

They have created art pieces inspired by Kiehl’s Calendula flower ingredient and Singapore as a garden city. These Nature + The City artworks will also be auctioned at the end of the program, with 100% of the auction’s proceeds benefiting the Garden City Fund, a registered charity and IPC established by National Parks Board.

The public are also welcomed to take part in the program by creating their own artwork inspired by nature within the city of Singapore. And for every drawing, Kiehl’s will be donating $5 to the garden city fund to help build the city in a garden. 

And that was what I drawn! Nice?

Find out more about exhibit locations and details at 

In addition, Kiehl’s also partnered with Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) to organize the “Festival of Upcycled Arts.” In line with Kiehl’s charitable mission of giving back to the community and heritage in the arts, this competition was open to all NYP students to submit art entries using 50% recycled material. The goal of the “Festival of Upcycled Arts” is to inspire others to be more socially conscious and to make the world a better place. The top 5 winning entries of the competition will
be exhibited as part of Kiehl’s Nature + The City exhibit at Kiehl’s Ultra Generous Trucks.

Photo with the handsome Kiehl's Boy (Jem & Zach).

 Witht the 2 pretty bloggers- Nadia & Jacelyn

  Another shot on the staircase. That's what happen when blogger meet blogger...

Guess who is he?
He is an Ex-Kiehl's Boy- Jeremy! 
So nice to see him at Vivocity! 

 Took some shots of Nadia with the good looking Kiehl's Boys!

 Nadia, I bet your hubby will kill me for helping you take all this photo... Hahaha...

 Nadia, Jacelyn and Rachie enjoying themselves taking selfie with the #KiehsUltraGenerous Pop-up truck!

 Mr Bone acting cool in this photo with the truck

Nicolette with the bloggers inside the Kiehl's truck.

 Jacelyn, Nadia and me inside the Kiehl's truck

 And yes, we mentioned is a birthday! And sure there are cakes too!
Yummy cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes!

This is the set of limited edition products (Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner and Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque) which was designed by Olivia Ong and are only available in July.

Me, Nadia, Rachie and Jacelyn shopping at Kiehl's Plaza Singapura

Kiehl's Customer Representative -Trey is very friendly and experienced.
Consult him if you have any skin concerns and he will be the best person to recommend you the right products.

 Woo... Check out the satisfying smile on our face.

Love the red brick wall outside Kiehl's Plaza Singapura!
The wall made a really nice backdrop don't you think!

Thank you Kiehl's Singapore!
Cheers to many WONDERFUL YEARS to come!

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