How bloggers can be influential to the business world today?

How bloggers can be influential to the business world today?
Recently I have realized that there is an increase in demand for Bloggers and there are also more people wanting to be a Bloggers too in Singapore. 

There had been a lot of PR companies approaching me for my blog stats and my rate card. Why are so many companies wanting to engage Bloggers? I shall go on with why I think there is a demand in Bloggers in the business world today.

Some benefits of engaging Bloggers:

1) Bloggers are Social Media Savy (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc).
Not many people read newspaper, magazines nowaday if you realized. Most people get their news 1st through social media platforms.

2) Bloggers can help you kick start your campaign and be the trend starters. (That is why a lot of companies are using blogger to do giveaway contest).

3) Bloggers can be influential to your business. A total of 3997 pizzas were sold through my blog in a period of 2 months. (Read here for more into.)

4) Bloggers have their readership and fan base. (Photo credit to

5) Bloggers can convey your key messages to their readers effectively in a more chewable way.

6) Bloggers can help improve search visibility online for your business.

7) Blogger can take beautiful photo (Yes not all, but there are many good one. So in a way, you save money on getting a photographer. You can always credit to the bloggers when you use their photo and I believe most bloggers will not mind you using their photo.).

8) Bloggers can be model for your products. (Photo credit to

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