[Reader Promotion] Exquisite mooncake selections and gift sets

Celebrate joyous reunion this Mid-Autumn Festival with Park Hotel Group as they pay homage to the traditions of festival with two luxurious Mid-Autumn Treasures gift sets paired with Veuve Clicquot Champagne and Bottega Gold Sparkling Wine respectively, as well as twelve mid-autumn gems including five new delectable creations by awarding-winning Park Palace. New flavors include Golden Pumpkin with Mung Beans & Single Yolk, and a whole new line of sparkling snowskin jewels- Imperial Jade & Coconut Truffle, Pearly Lychee & Lychee, Golden Cognac Truffle and Royal Topaz with Nougat & Chocolate Pops. 

These exquisite mooncake selections and gift sets are available for sale from 7 July to 8 Sept 2014.

What a better way then to present these luxurious gold treasure boxes of culinary gems to business associates and loved ones as well as to share unbridled happiness with mooncakes' epicurean desirability, perfectly complemented by sleek packaging, flawlessly blend in harmony to evoke a union of age-old tradition and contemporary elegance.

Park Hotel Group's mooncake packaging is a poignant representation of 'a divine treasure chest of bite-sizes pieces of gastronomic heaven' with perfect compatibility in flavours, design and appeal. The gold hotstamping of lovely peonies have been selected to provide a pleasing and neutral sensory appeal, and to represent good luck and riches. 

With a minimum order of 500 boxes of four mooncakes, customers can personalise the box with a complimentary clear magnetic acrylic with company logo (limited to one colour silk screen).

 Golden Cognac Truffle in Snowskin (New)
Indulge in its ambrosial and aromatic lure as the Golden Cognac Truffle in Snowskin exudes fruity notes from the premium cognac,

 Imperial Jade & Coconut Truffle in Snowskin
Pandan snowskin pairing with a refreshing coconut swirl wrapped within a core of creamy chocolate shell.

 Royal Topaz with Nougat & Chocolate Pops in Snowskin (New)
Fusing both Asian and Western flavours with a burst of playfulness.
Get excited with that delightful crunch that will bring back fond, heartwarming childhood memories. Mooncake lovers will effortlessly be enchanted with the subtle sweetness and texture of the white lotus that blends perfectly with the nougat and crunchy chocolate pops, giving every bite its delicious and healthy crunch.

 Pearly Lychee & Lychee in Snowskin
Primed to be a ladies favorite and a twist on one of the snowskin best seller. Be sure to be tempted with it sweetness and fresh lychees that is chewy with every bites.

 Imperial Mid-Autum Treasures Gift Set with a Veuve Clicquot Champagne (375ml) (Limited edition)
This mooncake gift box set is definitely the best gift to give to your loved one during Mooncake Festival.

 Golden Jade with Duo Nuts (Vegetarian)

 White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk 
These flavorsome treats are created with less sugar and it the perfect panacea for those who are watching their sugar intake but still wish to savour mooncakes the way they should be. with no added preservatives or articificial flavouring, this mooncake is a healthier option to be enjoyed by every member of the family.

Golden Treasures

For more information, kindly visit http://www.parkhotelgroupmooncakes.com/.


Exclusive Promotion for my readers

Until 31 July 2014

25% off total bill and receive
a $20nett F&B voucher if you spend $65nett worth of mooncakes
or a $40nett F&B voucher if you spend $120nett worth of mooncakes

1 August to 8 September 2014

15% + 5% off total bill and receive
a $20nett F&B voucher if you spend $65nett worth of mooncakes
or a $40nett F&B voucher if you spend $120nett worth of mooncakes

To order and enjoy the discounts, please quote “OnlyWilliam” via email mooncake@parkhotelgroup.com or call 6432 5555 only. Collection can be done via Grand Park City Hall, Grand Park Orchard and Park Hotel Clarke Quay. 

Terms & Conditions for the vouchers :
a. F&B vouchers are redeemable for dine-in only at Grand Park City Hall (Indulge at Park, Park Palace, The Bar at Coleman, The Deli)
b. These vouchers cannot be combined and only 1 voucher can be used per table.
c. Can be used in conjunction with Indulgence, Park Gold, credit card promotions and other privileges.
c. No minimum spend required for the usage of vouchers
d. This voucher is not exchangeable for cash or in-kind
e. This voucher is only valid with the hotel’s stamp and authorised signature.
Voucher is to be presented before paying the bill
Vouchers are valid till 14 November 2014



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