Enjoy eating Laksa in the comfort of home

How many of you love to eat Laksa?
Laksa is certainly one of the best street-food Singapore has to offer. Whilst Laksa is enjoyed by many, few know or have the time to prepare the Laksa paste that is used in a tasty bowl of Laksa, due to their demanding lifestyle.

But now... With the new MAGGI® SENSES™ Laksa, you and your family can now easily enjoy this great-tasting Laksa with a difference, in the comfort of your home.

Using state-of-the-art technology and its longstanding culinary expertise, MAGGI® has mastered the preparation of wet paste under the right temperature and time.

Fresh ingredients like fragrant galangal, spicy red chilli and ginger are carefully stir-fried to perfection to become MAGGI® SENSES™ homestyle Laksa paste. With a harmonious blend of fresh and natural spices, MAGGI® SENSES™ Laksa brings a different twist to the familiar.

The perfect amount of coconut powder used to complement the spices in the Laksa broth, determined after several rounds of consumers taste test, hits the right notes and one can have MAGGI® SENSES™ Laksa almost on a daily basis without feeling guilty. The MAGGI® SENSES™ Laksa broth leaves a lingering aroma and taste, leaving you salivating for more. There is no added MSG in MAGGI® SENSES™ Laksa and the larger signature springy noodle cake is good for two to enjoy.

This is one premium enjoyment that is sure to be a winner with everyone!
Add in your preferred fresh ingredients such as prawns, tofu and vegetables and you have a wholesome and savory Laksa enjoyment – homestyle.

And yes, KF Seetoh is the brand endorser for MAGGI® SENSES™ Laksa. His passion and quest for local street food is well-reflected in MakanSutra – a local food guide compiled by the guru himself – which locals and tourists tout with reverence when in the hunt for the best Singapore taste.

“I love street food, but when I’m home, I want MAGGI® SENSES™ Laksa for its home-style taste. The MAGGI® SENSES™ Laksa paste is a well-balanced concoction which packs a punch of home-style flavour and aroma that is sure to incite your senses. If you want a taste of Laksa at home, you’ve got to try the new MAGGI® SENSES™ Laksa,” said KF Seetoh, brand endorser of MAGGI® SENSES™ and CEO for Makansutra Singapore.

“MAGGI® with a longstanding heritage in Singapore since 1960s is a brand under Nestlé, the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company. MAGGI® possesses strong culinary expertise and we make it a point to continuously and constantly develop quality, tasty, and healthier products for consumers to enjoy. With the launch of our new premium MAGGI® SENSES™ Laksa, we would like to invite everyone to join KF Seetoh in rediscovering the home-style taste which we promise you will find in every bowl of MAGGI® SENSES™ Laksa. Serve up a taste of the familiar at home and personalise this street food favourite by adding fresh ingredients of your choice for a balanced meal,” said Mr Heng Peng Kwang, Marketing Director, Nestlé Singapore.

MAGGI® SENSES™ is a new sub-brand by MAGGI® that offers premium noodles made using the finest ingredients and technology. It has a larger noodles cake that is sufficient for two and the ‘wet’ Laksa paste has no added MSG. Laksa is the first flavour by MAGGI® SENSES™ that brings street food enjoyment in the comfort of your home.

MAGGI® SENSES™ Laksa is priced at $7.95 for a pack of 4x141g and is available in all leading super/hyper-market and convenience store. MAGGI® SENSES™ Laksa is Halal-Certified.


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