Korea Combo Eyebrow Embroidery for men too!


We all know that eyes are windows to our soul.
Framing your eyes with the perfect arch of your eyebrows is important as it will bring out and enhance the beauty of your eyes.

If you are thinking Eyebrow Embroidery are just for ladies, then you are totally wrong. Guys these day not only want to look handsome and attractive but presentable and confident as well, even if they have little or no confidence at all.

Recently visited Arch Angel Brow which is located at Clementi 321 Mall and is less than 10minutes walk from Clementi MRT station. Arch Angel Brow was set up a few months ago by Kelly and Eileen, and they have a combined experience of 18 years.

And I tried Korea Combo Eyebrow Embroidery.
Arch Angel Brow is the 1st in Singapore to introduce Korea Combo Natural Eyebrow Embroidery. An advanced technique using imported 100% plant-based products, one can experience youthful, long-lasting and natural-looking results as compared to traditional eyebrow embroidery which looks dull and changes colours over time.
The Korean Combo Embroidery costs $980 including two touch-ups, one after two weeks and the second one before a year is up.

What I like about the Korea Combo Eyebrow Embroidery by Arch Angel Brow?
It does not require any recovery period and there is no interruption to your daily beauty regime (e.g. facial, wash, mask etc.).

How was the procedure like?
First we had a consulation to find out what shape suit my face.
Once the desired shape was achieved, they applied the numbing cream and led me into a private room where the eyebrow embroidery process commenced with a slim, needle-like instrument. Don't worry, they are very hygiene here. A brand new piece is used for each customer.

This was my first time doing Eyebrow Embroidery. 

I'm feel quite safe in the good hands of the expert. That's me during the numbing process.

Here is my before and after!!!
You can see my eyebrow is really in a mess at first and so neat after the eyebrow embroidery process.
The best part is they look super natural too! There was also not much redness as you can see too.

In case you are wondering if you will not look like Crayon Shin Chan's (aka 蜡įŽ”小新) after the procedure. The answer is NO. This was how I look right after the procedure.

Thanks to @archangelbrow for the trendy Korea Combo Eyebrow Embroidery! I can now look good all the time with natural, beautiful and symmetrical looking eyebrows!

Arch Angel Brow
321 Clementi Ave 3 (New mall in Clementi)
Operating Hours
Mon-Fri: 11.00 am - 9.30 pm
Sat-Sun: 10.30 am - 8.00 pm 


First 20 customers who quote my name "William" when booking an appointment for Korea Combo Eyebrow Embroidery at
@archangelbrow will be entitled to a complimentary Arch Angel Brow's signature facial worth SGD$188.



  1. thanks for sharing this post. it will be very painfull.How long does the healing process take?eyebrow embroidery korea

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  3. A few Sundays ago, I visited Nouri Face & Body Concepts to have 6D Eyebrow Embroidery done on my brows. Like most girls, I have always had Eyebrow Embroidery

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