Sunshine Bakeries introduces their latest innovation- the Smart-CarbTM –Low G.I. Bread!

Thinking of what to eat for breakfast?
Try Sunshine Bakeries’ latest innovation, Smart-CarbTM Low-G.I. Bread!!!
It  is the smarter choice of bread that serves up the goodness of whole-grain with beta-glucans in a low Glycemic Index (G.I.) reading that is friendly to the heart and the waistline.

Nowaday there are more and more people being health conscious and opting for a complex-carbohydrate diet. So has the increase for awareness of a healthy, nutritious, balanced, power-packed breakfast. Carbohydrates remain an important requirement for a balanced diet and eating the right type of carbohydrates are essential in a healthy diet.

The fact is that not all carbohydrates are equal. The Glycemic Index (G.I.) measures the rate at which the body breaks down carbohydrates, releases glucose into the bloodstream and raises the blood sugar levels. The index is rated on a scale of 1 to 100. The lower the G.I., the slower it takes to break down food which results in a controlled, slower release of sugar. This means that the food fuels the body longer while keeping hunger at bay.

Extensive research has shown that regular intake of low G.I. food can contribute to the lowering of blood sugar level which reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The British Journal of Nutrition (2009) suggests that simply replacing one item per meal with a lower G.I. alternative can go a long way in regulating blood sugar levels. A more recent study published in Journal of Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases also proposed the role of low G.I. diet in improving blood lipid profiles (2013).

To provide consultation in the development of Sunshine Smart-CarbTM Low G.I. Bread,
Sunshine Bakeries collaborated with Temasek Polytechnic’s Glycemic Index Research Unit (GIRU). The unit has been at the forefront of glycemic index research in Singapore and the region and has conducted tests on an array of food as part of their programme. Said Dr Kalpana Bhaskaran, Manager, Nutrition Research, who heads the research unit, “The GIRU serves to make G.I. information known so that the public is empowered to make healthier food choices and plan appropriate diets. The Sunshine Smart-CarbTM Low G.I. Bread, clinically tested at TP’s accredited GIRU yields a reading of 37 which qualifies it as a low-G.I. bread.” This also qualifies the bread as a Healthier Choice product, bearing HPB’s Healthier Choice Symbol for Low Glycemic Index*.
*According to Health Promotion Board, food is qualified for Healthier Choice Symbol (Low Glycemic Index) when its G.I. value falls below 55.

In addition to the Healthier Choice Symbol, the Sunshine Smart-CarbTM Low G.I. Bread also meets US Whole Grain Council’s wholegrain requirements and exceeds 21g of whole grains per serving. Cynthia Harriman, Director of Food and Nutrition Strategies of US Whole Grains Council said, “As of February this year, our iconic Whole Grains Stamp is approved for use on products sold in over 50 countries, an important milestone in our quest to promote whole-grain consumption. We are delighted to continue our collaboration with Sunshine Bakeries which have been at the forefront of the newest advances in whole-grains in Singapore and the region. The latest Sunshine Smart-CarbTM Low G.I. Bread satisfies 43% of daily requirements for whole-grains, making it the smarter choice for anyone who desires to lead a healthier lifestyle through whole-grains.”

Sunshine’s new Smart-CarbTM Low G.I. Bread is crafted to contain 90% whole-grain with beta-glucan that is extracted from oats. Beta-glucan is soluble dietary fibre that has shown to lower cholesterol levels (European Food Safety Authority, 2009) while exhibiting pre-biotic properties for improved gut-health and stronger immune system (Journal of Bioactive Carbohydrates and Dietary Fibre, 2013). The inclusion of best-in-class whole-grains and seeds, such as rye, bran, rolled-oats, flax seed and sunflower seeds, adds a dose of crunchiness and nuttiness that is pleasing to the palate. In addition, the bread is also enriched with vitamin Bs, iron and contains no trans-fat. It has also been Halal-certified.

“At Sunshine Bakeries we understand that Singapore is both a food–loving and a health-conscious society. We remain committed to our goal of serving a healthier nation through our range of tasty innovations. The new Sunshine Smart-CarbTM Low G.I. Bread is a tribute to Sunshine’s unwavering dedication to continue providing Singaporeans with delicious and healthier bread options that meet the Health Promotion Board’s recommended 2 to 3 servings of whole-grains each day,” said Dr. Andy Adhiwana, Executive Director of Auric Pacific Group Limited.

Each loaf of Sunshine Smart-CarbTM Low G.I. Bread (360g) is retailing at Recommended
Selling Price of S$3.30 and will be available at leading supermarket, hypermarket and selected convenience stores.




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