10 Reasons Why people end up having a Divorce

Today we shall explore the topic- DIVORCE IN SINGAPORE! 
Well I have heard so many stories from my friends who got into a DIVORCE. 

There are just many reasons why people choose to have a divorce and people don't just divorce by accident. Even you have been married for 10 years, it doesn't mean that divorce will not happen. Problems tend to build up over time, thus communication is very important for a successful marriage. When one or both of the spouses do not share about their feelings, the chances of reaching a breakdown of the marriage at that point is very likely. Based on a case study I read recently, the top reasons for divorce across all demographics include a lack of commitment by one or both partners, not much bonding time, too much arguing, and infidelity.

10 Reasons Why people end up having a Divorce

These are the top ten “symptoms” or reasons why more marriages these days end up in divorce

1. We hardly communicate. 

This is one big problem why people  have a divorce. Distance is created quickly if you don’t share your feelings. I believe your spouse would like to know what happened. Don't make them guess what you are doing everyday. You need to be more open.

2. No Money No Talk
Yes money is important. Money can change your life better and it can also make a relationship turn sour too. When money becomes a consistent topic of disagreement, your path to divorce is certain.

3. No time for goals
Some feel that when you are married, means you will have no time to achieve any of your goals or opportunities. Some spouse are not being supportive.

4. No trust with your spouse?
Trust is one of the leading factors in having a successful relationship and marriage. Your marriage is unlikely to survive if there is no trust in your spouse.

5. Expectations
Different people have different expectations and when they aren’t met, it can put a strain on the relationship.

6. Understanding / fulfilling the needs and desires. 
It’s common knowledge that we all have different needs and desires. If your partner does not acknowledge them, he/she won't go the distance to fulfill your wants and longings.

7. Not used to each other's lifestyle
It's not easy to be stay together under one roof. You need to compromise, adapt to new lifestyle changes and live together in harmony.

8. Are you seeing someone behind me?
 It's easy for your spouse to feel jealous and insecure when they see you getting close to someone else. It may lead to unnecessary quarrels and fights, and questioning each other’s intentions can put a dent in trust and prevent your relationship from moving forward.

9. Religious and cultural differences. 
Yes, religious beliefs and cultural values can also cause conflict, which affects the way you live your life and raise up the kids. 

10. Abuse. 
Sometime a quarrel can lead to verbal or physical abuse, and one spouse trying to control the other spouse in any manner.

Don't say the “D Word” so fast, consider all the viable options and get counselling to salvage your marriage first. Should things be seriously beyond hope, then you will need to engage a suitable Singapore divorce lawyer who will be able to guide you through the complexities of the divorce procedures in Singapore during this stressful life event. 



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