SnowWorld at Resort World Genting, Malaysia

Never did I ever thought of experiencing this fun place whenever I go to Resort World Genting, Malaysia. I always think I'm too old for this. This time round, with the invites of Resort World Genting, I'm here to experience this joyous palace.

This is how it looks like from the outside. There's a glass panel on the right side of the entrance which you can oversee the snowy playground and that's where i always stand to look through the glass whenever i visit Genting in the pass. It makes me happy when looking at the people inside having fun.

Snowworld provides shoes and jackets for their customers. Need not to worry if you were there unprepared. Snowworld will take care of you.

All sizes of snow boots. Even for your kids. And yes, they do provide gloves as well. See, how thoughtful they are.

Say Cheese!!! How do we look after gear up?

Look at how cool we are!! We are all ready!! 

Wait, lets take a group picture first. Hehehehe!!!

Weeeeeeeee!!!! Welcome to the snowworld. It was Easter period when we were there. Look at the decorations. Feels like I'm celebrating Easter in some western country.

You can also take pictures with the Animated Fairy-tales Houses to fulfill your childhood dream to be living in a fairy-tale. This is so cool!!

Easter Eggs Decorations.

Another attraction nestled in the snow-covered "hills" is the Warm House. -6 Degree Celsius out there, i better stay inside.

Drop by this chamber if you wish to take a rest before continuing to discover more of the snowy woderland.

WooHoo!!! Penguins. How can we forget them?!!

Wait!!! Its a must to take a group picture inside before we leave right? Tada!! 

Ah ha, and also the wefie. YAY!!! We had so much fun.

Ok. What i can say is i was wrong all along. Surprisingly, SnowWorld Genting Highland is so much fun. I will highly recommend you people to try it out when you were there. I feel young and energize again. Are you ready to turn back time, just like how you used to enjoy the playful moments as a kid?

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