Smurfs Had Arrived In Singapore

Yesterday went to The Cathay along Handy Road to watch a movie and Calvin told us about the CUTE Smurfs outside The Cathay. After our movie, we immediately walk there and take a look.

OMG!!!! CUTE Smurfs playing soccer at the grass patch outside The Cathay!!!

Looking closer...

They are so adorable don't you think so...

Remember to catch them in Cinema 1st September 2011!!!

Release Date: 1st September 2011
Language: English
Genre: Action
Director: Raja Gosnell
Cast: Hank Azaria, Katy Perry, Alan Cumming, Neil Patrick Harris, Anton Yelchin.

Storyline: While on a mission to retrieve one final ingredient for Papa Smurf's potion, Clumsy Smurf accidentally falls into the Cave of Wonders, a magical portal which transports him from Smurf Village into the modern world mistaken for a toy, Clumsy is taken to New Jersey where he befriends a new family. Meanwhile, back at the Smurf Village, everyone is up in arms over Clumsy's disappearance. The Smurfs rush to concoct a plan to bring Clumsy home and simultaneously avoid the devious wizard, Gargamel that is always plotting to capture the Smurfs.