Can't Vote Singapore Presidential Election 2011, how???

We all know that the polling day for the Singapore Presidential Election 2011 will be on 27 August 2011.

But I will be oveaseas during this period (26-30 Aug 2011) and I can't do my voting. I called the Election helpline (1800-8180088) and found out from the operator that it is compulsory for all eligible Singapore citizens but it is ok if I can't vote due to some important reason.

So what if I do not vote this time?
If you do not vote at the election, the returning officer will put your name together with all others who did not vote at the election, in the list of non-voters and pass that to the Registration Officer.

The Registration Officers will then remove your name from the certified rester of electors of constituency you belong to.

What if I do not vote this time, but I still want to vote in future?
Accordingly to her, she told me that I can submit an application to the Registration Officer with an explanation as to why I did not vote.

Application can be made either
online via this website or in person at Elections Department or any Community Centre/Club. Alternatively, you may also downlad the form here and submit it by post or fax to Elections Department. However a penalty of $50 will be imposed if you do not have a valid and sufficient reason for not voting.

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