Joyce & the Boys reached Tokyo

Hey all!!!

Joyce and the Boys had reached Tokyo Airport on 26 Aug 2011 at about 6pm.

Joyce and the Boys in the bus on the way to their hotel- Shinjuku Washington Hotel!!!

Me and popular Blogger, Daren Ang did a quick interview with them on the bus. We understand that it is Joyce and the Boys's 2nd year winning and coming to Japan to take part in Japan Dance Delight 2011.

When asked about how they felt about last year Japan Dance Delight, they said they winning team was strong and also did dance moves they had never seen before.

They also said they will focus on their strong side and also take the judges's comment and improve on.

We all know that this chances representing Singapore to take part in Japan Dance Delight are hard to come by and Joyce and the Boys had worked really hard in practicing to give their best at Japan Dance Delight.

Joyce & the Boys also sounded out that it was not easy to meet up for dance practice these day due to some of the members are in National Service now and some already working. But they said they still try to meet up 2 days for training every week.

When asked about are they really for the Japan Dance Delight, they said they are a ready. I believed that Joyce and the Boys will do their best in Japan Dance Delight this Sunday!

Joyce and the Boys at the lobby of Shinjuku Washington Hotel.

Hereby wishing them all the best for the competition this Sunday!

Stay tuned to my blog for more updates!