Thank you for reading my KIT KAT's blogposts!


Hi everyone,

I know this may sound a bit sad as you read on but if you look at the bright side, it is not the end of friendship for the KIT KAT's bloggers and their readers!!!

I really like to take this opportunity to thanks KIT KAT for having this Yer Big Break Blog Challenge!!!

It had been a wonderful journey from the very 1st day I joined this blog challenge.
Through this challenge, I got to know some new friends like Nabil, Carol, Lishan, Sheron & Kaiyi too and I am really happy to know them all.

Here is a summary of all my KIT KAT's blogposts (Feel free to read them again):
-Have A Break, Have An Art Jamming
-Share your “Have a break” moment & Win $200 Hamper!
-Everyone Needs to Have a Break
-KIT KAT BABY! Give him a Kit Kat please!!!
-My Kit Kat Surprise in Office REALLY WORKS!!!
-Have a Break, let’s go explore Esplanade!!!
-Have A Break & Have Fun At The Zoo
-Happy Father’s Day Cheesecake- Have a break, Dad!
-Have A Break & Have A Destress Dinner with Friends
-Have A Break and Go KTV with friends
-Have A Break & Spend Time With Your Loved One!!! SWEET!!!

-Have A Break & Play Boardgames with friends
-Have A Break & Have Fun at *Scape Today (25 Jun 2011)!!!!
-Singapore Social Media Day 2011- Have A Break at *Scape
-Have A Break, 全家一起吹吹风去!
-Have A Break & Take Up Courses at CC (3 Cooking Recipes Sharing)
-Have A Break And See Ya At Shine Youth Festival 2011 TODAY!!! (2 July 2011)
-SHINE Youth Festival Opening on 2 July 2011 (Did you MISSED the fun???)
-Have a Break, VOTE & WIN Now!
-Have a Break from WORK, Go BOXERCISE with ME!!!

-Have a Break, Enjoy some SHANGHAI CUISINE with Friends/Family!!!
-Have a Break, Enjoy 10 Finalists Artwork with me!!!
-Have A Break, Bid Goodbye to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station
-Have a Break, Find Cinderella…
-Have a Break & Feeling Mighty Spirit of Usain Bolt
-Have a Break, check out LIVE TELECAST of Singapore Blog Awards 2011
-Bloggers Have a Break from blogging and Attended Singapore Blog Awards 2011
-Have a Break, Have a “千手观音” pose!!!
-Have a Break, Powered Up and really to FLY!!!
-The Closing Ceremony of SHINE Youth Festival 2011
-Have a BREAK… Marry ME!!!
-KIT KAT- Our “Have a Break” Favourite Snack
- Thank You for Participating in the “Have a Break Moment” photo contest!
- Karaoke Lovers ALERT!!! (1 Aug- 9 Oct 2011)
- Have a break & Go holiday at Kuala Lumpur!!!
- Have a Break at Singapore Flyer & Watch NDP Fireworks!!!
- Have A Break, Find a Bench (Creative Designed Bench!!!)

Thanks KIT KAT for giving me this chance to share my story here.

It was really an enjoyable journey for myself writing here and thanks to all my friends/readers who had always been very supportive to me all this while.

I hope I've brighten up the life of all the readers here. Remember to "Have a Break" when you need ok!

Take care all my friends & readers!!!

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