Joyce & The Boys at Japan Dance Delight Vol.18

Here we are at the Pacifico Yokohama, National Conventional Hall to watch Joyce and the Boys for Japan Dance Delight Vol.18!!!

It was of cause an honour to be able to attend this great event of the year at Tokyo!!!

Getting into the hall... The show is about to START!!!

That's our Singapore team- Joyce & The Boys!!!

The stage. I believed this stage is where every dancer dream to be able to step on and Joyce & The Boys had made it and dance on this stage.

The 8 judges.

I'm sorry guys that I did not managed to capture any photo during the competition.

We were told that "No Shooting" is allowed during the competition.

But luckily during the result annoucement part, we are able to take photo as there are people doing so and not stopped.

Special Prize- W-CLAPS.

Special Prize- Stroke

Special Prize- Stroke

Special Prize- STREET KINGDOM japan + Twiggs Farm

3rd Prize- Motal Combat

2nd Prize- 辛道场

The champion goes to......

The Buddy Bio!!!

Congratulation to all the winner!!!

Although Joyce & The Boys did not win in the competition!

But I believed it had been a wonderful experience for them!

Joyce & The Boys will not give up and they will continue to dance with passion and one day making it to the top!

Don't be dishearten! You are still Singapore Best Dance Team! We hope to see you making it to the top one day! =)