Round 8 of Guinness Live@ DRAGONFLY!!! PHOEBE vs REGINE!!!

Round 8 of GUINNESS LIVE was held last Wed (16 Nov 2011) at Dragonfly!!!
Did you missed the great PK between the 2 female contestant- PHOEBE & REGINE?

It was FULL HOUSE that night!!!

Phoebe from Team Dragonfly

Regine from Team Shanghai Dolly

The audience waving their hands while Phoebe was singing

Cheers from the crowd

Who did they voted?

We have a close score between the 2 contestants!!!
See the FINAL SCORE below...

Their fate decided by the invited Guest Judges that night.


Congrats to Team Dragonfly- Phoebe for winning in this round!!!

Team Shanghai Dolly's supporters!!!

Regine & his girlfriends

Team Shanghai Dolly- Regine, Aydan & Benita!!!

Regine & her parent

Phoebe & her supporter

Hear what the contestant have to say for that night.

Regine: "That night was so much fun!!!
Though I definitely felt I could've done better, the 3 songs from yesterday were the 3 I was most worried about from the list of the 20 songs, and I'm glad it's over! (for now at least lol)

Mentors and judges commented on breathing and pronounciation problems which I will work on

I will be working harder to prepare for the songs for the next round and try to improve on my breathing and pronunciation to do better for next round!"

Phoebe: "I was actually very happy with my performance faint Regine, I felt confidence on stage, I was in control and I was having fun.

As for mentor's comment, I will take note of my slight pitching problem but as for the slur and laziness they kept emphasizing, I do think it's the way I sing and my style. I will try to explore more style as I go along.

I think I will also improve on injecting more emotions in the songs in future competitions, and try to touch the judges.

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