Me and 12 BFs at Eastern Restaurant!!!

Last Saturday, me and 12 BFs went Eastern Restaurant for Lunch!!!

Don't be mistaken!!!
BFs means Blogger Friends!!! Haha!!!

Eastern Restaurant

Address: Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road, #01-57

Call 67362638 to book a table today!!!

Click "Like" at their facebook page and get 5% off your bill!!!

It was a great chilled out session for us!

So may I introduce the 12 of them to you, one by one below...
Read what they have to say too!!!


"I would like to comment on the Spicy Wanton... This is one of my personal favourites... Thin & soft wanton skin with delicious meat filling. Tasted great with the spicy vinegar sauce without much oily feel, but most importantly, this dish perked up my appetite!"


"The dan dan mian was good! totally loving the spicy taste and smooth la mian!"


The Wonton in hot chilli sauce is nice! :)


"I like the Xiao Long Bao! The la mian is QQ!"


"I love The Eastern Restaurant's xiao long baos and its molten lava buns."



哎呀!我说到有多吊就多吊,若没吃,你怎么知道有多么的 “他妈的” 好吃呢?"



Shu Qing-

"The flowing custard bun tastes awesome. I love how the custard is caught in the middle of sweetness and salty."



"YUMMY! i love homemade noodles!! the pig was super tender and delicious, dumplings fresh and well made!!"


And me of cause that's me- http://www.onlywilliam/

"My favourite is still the Zha Jiang Mian!!!"

Yang Zhou Fried Rice-$9.50

Collagen Wanton Noodle- $8.80

Kangkong with beancurd sauce- $8.80
(My friend, Jessie's favourite dish)

Zha Jiang Noodle- $7.80

Shanghai Noodle with rib- $8.50

Wanton with Hot Chilli Sauce-$6

Custard Bun (Liu Sha Bao) - $4.50 (MUST TRY!!!)

Eastern Xiao Long Bao- $4 (Must Try!!!)

"Tong Po" Meat(Braised Prk Belly) -$13.80

Custard Flowing Bun everyone favourite Shanghai Dim Sum!!!

See the custard flowing out...

Shaun & Shuqing love it too!!!

Michelle & Jessie love it too!!!

I guess every one had a great time!!!
A group photo of the pretty ladies here...

Group photo of the guys here...

Okay!!! Everyone SQUEEZED for a photo now!!!
We had a great time at Eastern Restaurant & will definitely come back for more!!!

Call 67362638 to book a table today!!!
Click "Like" at their facebook page and get 5% off your bill!!!



  1. Thanks for bringing us there William! Had a super yummy meal! :)