Guinness Live Round 1- Regine Han vs Willis Loye

Round 1 of Guinness Live had just started last night (1 Nov 2011) at Shanghai Dolly. It was a Singing PK Challenge between Regine Han 韩睿君 (Team Shanghai Dolly) & Willis Loye 黎辉丰 (Team Firefly).

And the winning team with the most votes collectively will get a head start in the music industry:
-Opportunity to perform in Shanghai Dolly under the mentorship of William Scorpion
-Produce a song with Guinness Live Music Director, Eric Ng
-Perform alongside an international artiste

For locals with passion and talent in singing, this is a great opportunities for them to rise up. Look at those great singers like Britney Spears, JC Chasez, Christina Aguillera and Justin Timberlake were all able to make it during the auditions at New Mickey Mouse Club. Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia, Jordan Sparks and Adam LambertKelly Clarkson were able to move from being American Idol winners to establishing their own credibility in sales of their records, fame and tours, with even winning 2 Grammy Awards.

So Guinness Live is a chance for them to rise up to be a star!!!

There were be a total of 54 nights of great music. 12 contestants vying for top spot.
Across the hottest venue in Singapore:
- Shanghai Dolly (Tue, 10pm)
- Dragonfly (Wed, 10pm)
- Firefly (Thurs, 10pm)
Join the party & vote for the winners!

Vote for them & Win an exclusive VIP card:
Keep your favourite team at the top and stand to wn a year's worth of complimentary access to all St. James Venues for you and your friends, plus the best discounts on food and drinks by voting for your favorite contestant.
Click here to start voting!!!

The stage is set.

Willis Loye 黎辉丰 (Team Firefly) - Holding Guinness Umbrella singing "一支小雨伞" had wowed the audience that night.

Regine Han 韩睿君 (Team Shanghai Dolly)

The audience that night had fun enjoying the music!!!
Songs that was sang that night @ Shanghai Dolly includes:

Check out who is leading that night below!!!

Yes!!! Regine from Team Shanghai Dolly won with a score of 87!!!
It was a tough fight!!!

Me and my group of friends enjoyed the music performance that night!!!
Many more nights to enjoy great music!!!

Come chill out with friends and enjoy good music like us!!!

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