Guinness Live Round 4- Cutie Benita VS Cool Kenny Khoo

Are you at Shanghai Dolly on Tuesday (8 Nov)?
If you wasn't, then you would had missed a great show!

Because there is a Ultimate Music Battle- Guinness Live
going on every Tuesday, 10pm at Shanghai Dolly!!!

From 1st November 2011 till 1st March, come down and watch the contestants PK on stage!!!
Vote for your favorite Singer and who know you might stand to win an exclusive 'Guinness Live' St James Membership card!!!
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That evening, it was Guinness Live- Round 4 and we have
Benita (Team Shanghai Dolly) VS Kenny (Team Dragonfly)!!!

Who will win?

Will it be Cool Kenny (Team Dragonfly)?

Or will it be CUTE Benita (Team Shanghai Dolly)?

The audience get to decide their fate through cheering and whistling!!!

The invited judges gave their points to the deserved winner.

What are some of singing advices given to the contestant?
To be a good singer on stage, you need to have eye contact with the audience, hold the mic in a way that you can best project your voice. Treat singing as though you are singing a story out...

So after adding all the score, guess who won that night?

Congrats to Benita with a winning score of 95 points!!!

Spotted Aydan & Regine!!!
They specially came down and show support to their team-mate- Benita!!!

That's Jeremy in the middle!!!
Great to see them all coming together supporting each other!

Just for your info, Jeremy will be singing tonight (10 Nov, 10pm) at Firefly,
do come down and watch him PK with Alfred!!!

A photo with the winner that night- Benita from Team Shanghai Dolly!!!

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