Guinness Live's contestants on BANDAGE but still sing on stage!!!

Round 9 for Guinness Live was held at Firefly last Thursday (17 Nov 2011).
It was another night of great music!!! That night we had Yongwei Vs Willis.

Some say Yongwei won Aydan on the previous round because of his cuteness.
So this time will he win again because of that?

The Guinness girls moving table to table with iPad
to get people to vote for the contestants.

Awesomely cool right!!!

Shu Qing & Jessie who was there early to support Yongwei!!!

The Firefly's mentor- Fatt Zhai

The Dragonfly's mentor- Jason Chung

We had 2 contestant with BANDAGE!!!

Why BANDAGE on Yongwei?
Yongwei said he went for blood donation in the morning and got bandage.

Why BANDAGE on Willis?
Willis recently sprained his wrist during a soccer match.

Yongwei had improvement on his singing as what commented by the judge that night.

Willis from Team Firefly

The vote from the VIP tables.

Vote from the 2 Judges that night!!!

So who won?
Make a guess....








Congrats to Team Firefly- Willis!!!
It was sure a tough match!!!

Jessie, me and Yongwei

Yongwei and his supporters!!!

Willis and his supporters!!!

What do the contestant feel for that night?

Willis: "I felt my performance could be better. Maybe I'm still not used to playing with a live band. So I couldn't really hear myself much. But will get use to it. Interacting with the crowd is much better compared to the 1st time.

They say my pitching wasn't so good and the way I end every sentence was done properly enough which I agree. Haha. Could definitely be better.

Will spend more time learning the lyrics and understanding the song better. Try to have a different way of singing for the whole song instead of singing it the same way throughout the entire song."

YongWei: "I think overall, I have to make myself, comfortable, and to enjoy the process, I believe I sang the best I could for now, I was a little weak and giddy that day, but yeah, All I did was to make sure I enjoyed.

Well, one of the judges commented about my dressing, they said it was inappropriate, but I was baffled, I couldn't think of anything to wear but plainly, as I was singing 2 sad songs, I believe I shouldn't had worn so plainly, but yet again, I couldn't dress up wildly as well, you know what I mean?

I will improve on my stage-fright, dressing, posture and responses."

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