Guinness Live Round 5- The Rocker-Style Howie Vs the Ah Mo-Style Alvin

Last Wednesday Guinness Live at Firefly, we have
the Rocker-Style Howie Vs Ah-Mo-Style Alvin!!!

They are both very good singer!!! It was really entertaining to watch them on stage singing all the popular Asian songs. Did you missed it?

The 6 great songs that were sang that night:

There were be a total of 54 nights of great music. 12 contestants vying for top spot.
Across the hottest venue in Singapore:
- Shanghai Dolly (Tue, 10pm)
- Dragonfly (Wed, 10pm)
- Firefly (Thurs, 10pm)

Join the party & vote for the winners here!

Jason Chung- Mentor for Team Dragonfly

Fatt Zhai- Mentor of Firefly

Howie from Team Firefly

Alvin from Team Dragonfly

Fatt Zhai giving his advice to Howie.

The mentors like his interaction with the audience and his singing was very natural.

Jason Chung giving his advice to Alvin.

The mentors like his dressing and also said he sang with a Ah-Mo-Style like Wang Li-Hom.

The crowd gave their vote through cheering, clapping and whistling that night!!!
Who got the most votes???

Ok are you READY for the RESULT!!!
Let see the video below for RESULT now!!!!

Spotted Si Ling & Alfred to support their team-mate, Howie.

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