Guiness Live- "Clean" Prince Aydan Vs "天花板" Si Ling

Wow! It is Round 8 of GUINNESS LIVE singing competition already!!!

Did you missed the great performances that night (15 Nov 2011)?

Round 8 was held at Shanghai Dolly, it was PK between Team Shanghai Dolly-Aydan and Team Fire Fly- Si Ling!

The event started off with the Team Firefly's mentor- Fatt Zhai singing for us!!!

Following by Team Dragonfly's Mentor- Jason Chung singing on stage.

Introducing the 2 Guinness Live's contestant!
Aydan & Si Ling

"天花板"Si Ling (Team Firefly)
The mentors called her "天花板", because....
"天花板" is ceiling and it sounded similar to Si Ling... So cute that nick!!!

"Clean" Prince Aydan (Team Shanghai Dolly)
Why clean? Mentor, Jason Chung feel that Aydan's voice is too clean already
and suggested he get a bit more dirty when he sing.

Tip #1: Si Ling made eye contact to engage her Audience

Tip #2: Aydan showing a good interaction with the audience.

Cheers from the crowd.

VIP tables get to give a 5 points to his/her favourite contestants.

The 2 invited judges giving their comments.

What are the score that day?

Congrats to Si Ling winning with a score of 92!!!

Sugianto 潘嗣敬 from Project Superstar (2005) & Jeremy (Team Shanghai Dolly)

Benita, Regine & Jeremy came down & show support to Aydan

Si Ling & friends

Team Shanghai Dolly full force- Good team's spirit!!!

Team Shanghai Dolly with Yongwei (Front) and Alfred (Top right)

What Contestants Feel After The Competition?

Aydan: "That night performance I think could have be better done. As in for the mood and emotions. So for the subsequent rounds I will work even harder yeah. Yeah I am happy that the judges comments on my voice tone and clean quality which i will continue to work on them . using them as strong factors for myself and also putting more work on those I am lacking.

Yeah I will improve more on the variations of my voice and rest more. Haha so I won't fall sick often hahaahaha yeah.

I guess its really a very happening night where theres a fight between both sexes and different voices and styles of singing. "

Si Ling: "I felt that for my performance yesterday, I can definitely do a better job ... For singing in pubs, what the mentors said are really right in the sense that we singers must feel and understand the song fully, then you can let it go on stage!

I definitely need to put in alot more effort on the lyrics and my cantonese as well!!"

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What Happening?

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