Bicycle had always been a popular alternative mode of transport while the issue of storage is always a concern. Well the location, availability and safety are always are something a bicycle owner will worry about. 

But what if there is a underground storage place  which is safe from now on? A more creative solution comes out of Japan – the Eco Cycle Anti-Seismic Underground Bicycle Park. Instead of the need for huge slabs of concrete and open space, it stores your bike vertically underground. Built by Japanese engineering firm Giken Seisakusho Co. LTD, the underground bike parking is just seven meters wide, but deep enough to store 144 bicycles. The storage facility is also strong enough to withstand earthquakes, which should put your mind at ease when it comes to thieves. 

And it's so easy to access your bike, you just have to enter a pincode specific to you. The underground spiral on which your bike is stored, will then maneuver your emission-free vehicle it to the street-level, allowing you to ride off happily into the sunset. 

Looking forward to see this in Singapore.
Well it is  Eco-friendly because by keeping your bicycle underground, you reduce the chances of people stealing and you replacing a new one. And further more, by parking it in the underground, your bicycle are not expose to the sun or rain which will damage your bicycle too. Thus  making your bicycle life span longer too.

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