Korea Day 7 & 8 (12th-13th May 2013)- Sponsored by Korea Tourism Organization Singapore)

Last 2nd day (12 May 2013) in Korea!!!
I took Seoul City Tour Bus (City Circulation Tour) to look see look see!!!
The bus tour is 30 mins interval between 27 stops and cost only 10000won.

More info on the Seoul City Tour:

Camwhoring as normal! hahaha...

Thanks Shannon for buying me a lipbalm cause my lip started to crack on the last few days in Korea.

Interesting!!! Some of my friends said it was obscene... LOL....

Look what I won from a game at the Paldo Instant Noodle Event at Swanghwamun Square!

 Had our lunch at this Korean Restaurant.
Had my delicious nutritious Chicken Ginseng Soup (14, 000 won) for lunch!

There's glutinous rice inside the chicken.

Threw a coin and made a wish at the wishing pond.

Interesting public toilet... Put a coin and you can use the toilet!

Cine Core Building
 386, Samil-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul
서울 종로구 삼일대로 386 (관철동)

Got the ticket to catch Bibap, a non-verbal performance (VIP seat: 60000 won).
My 1st time watching it and I really love watching it and strongly encourage all my friends to go watch it!

Bibap is a nonverbal performance based on the Korean representative dish, bibimbap (rice mixed with vegetables and beef). As a nonverbal performance, the actors mimic the sound of making bibimbap with beat-boxing and a cappella, demonstration of motions through b-boying, and acrobatics and martial arts. Since its debut in 2009, Bibap has been staged and well-received at food conferences as well as global venues like the 2010 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Today, it is heralded as the pioneer of a new culture code, Eatertainment, the combination of eating and entertainment. Get a taste of this innovative and dynamic performance at Cine Core now!

The bibimbap performance takes place in a kitchen, where chefs make a variety of dishes as orders come in. They happily prepare Chinese, Japanese and Italian dishes. Finally, when the kitchen receives an order of 'the best bibimbap,' the two rival sous chefs compete in a bibimbap cook-off. Their dishes are judged by a randomly selected audience member, who then determines which chef stays in the kitchen to carry on the legacy of making the best bibimbap.

After the show, we had a photography session with the casts.

Took train to Insadong and Jogyesa Temple to view Yeon Deung Hoe: Lotus Lantern Festival 2013.
It was coincidence that the week when I was at Korea, they are having this festival too! So nice!!!
It is a bit like Singapore Lantern Festival too. But I like their parade, a bit like Chingay in Singapore.

Yeon Deung Hoe Lotus Lantern Festival
The Yeon Deung Hoe Lotus Lantern Festival is a modern-day annual tradition that offers visitors the chance to experience Buddhist culture that has been celebrated for more than a thousand years on the peninsula. The main event of the festival is the Lantern Parade, during which more than 100,000 brightly-colored illuminated lanterns and lantern floats in various shapes flood the streets of downtown Seoul.

Other programs include an exhibition of breathtaking traditional Buddhist lanterns and various performances including Korean folk music performances, dance performances as well as traditional Buddhist dance performances. However, the festival favorite is the Buddhist Street Festival, an event where participants get to experience Buddhist culture firsthand. Participants can make lotus lanterns, get their faces painted, create Buddhist art, try temple food and play folk games. Festival goers do not only get to experience the Buddhist cultures of Korea, but the Buddhist cultures of Thailand, Taiwan, Myanmar, Tibet and Mongolia as well.

More info:

Interesting lotus flower headwear on the lady's head.

Jogyesa Temple
55, Ujeongguk-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 종로구 우정국로 55 (견지동)

More info:

My lips looked white/ pale?
Because it was drying up as I had not been applying lip balm until Shannon bought me.

Lot of beautiful lantern to choose.

Cute lanterns
Like the plants all over the building. Look so beautiful!

Korean Dim Sum? =)

Had dinner at  Chef Guksoo Coffee

 This was the noodle I ordered. Love the soup and the texture of the noodle.

Wooo... Flaming Beef!

 Flaming Beef Sushi


Lion Dance in Korea

Huge Dragon!!!

Had BBQ Pork Belly with Shannon for supper!

Day 8 (LAST DAY)
I'm so sad that I have to leave Korea....
Such a beautiful place to stay...
The people here are really nice and friendly.
Not forget to mention about the nice korean food.

Took the Airport Limousine Bus #6005 (10,000won) in front of 
Fraser Place Central Seoul Hotel (프레이저 플레이스 센트럴 서울) to Incheon International Airport.

My LAST CAMWHORE shot at Incheon International Airport! =)

Went there with a pink luggage and came back with all this!!!
Now you know how much I like Korea!!!
It is a great place for SHOPPING too!!!

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