HAZE went up to 'Hazardous Range' in Singapore!!!

On 19 Jun 2013, 1pm, the PSI was 152. This photo taken while I was having lunch at Marina Bay Sands. You can hardly see Esplanade from the photo right.  Not only that, the acrid smell of burnt wood pervaded the island-state.

On 19 Jun 2013, 10pm, the PSI went up to a "Hazardous" level of 321!
It was by far the highest since 1997 in Singapore.
I have never seen Singapore in this bad state before.
The NEA said it had alerted its Indonesian counterpart on the situation "and urged the Indonesian authorities to look into urgent measures to mitigate the transboundary haze occurrence".

Seriously who is to blame for the HAZE?
The Indonesian? Maybe not...
Ministry official Hadi Daryanto attempted to shift some of the blame onto Malaysia and Singapore, saying their palm oil companies that had invested in Indonesia were also responsible.

Well whoever had caused this, I hope they can spare a thought for others, I believe their family and friend or even themselves are affected by this. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and no more haze. I wanted to buy mask earlier at Jurong Jem but they already sold out. The staffs said it was sold out since afternoon and they are ordering more.  I hope all of you manage to get your mask.

My advice is to stay in an aircon place this period and cut down on outdoor activities.
Drink more water too. 

Stay tuned to 
http://app2.nea.gov.sg/anti-pollution-radiation-protection/air-pollution/psi/psi-and-pm2-5-readings for more update on the HAZE Condition!

Me: "Mummy, why all my towel got HAZY smell?"
Mum: "Ya because I hanged the towel outside the HAZE smell got into the towel!!!

Maybe we should all start to hang our laundry inside for this few days.... =p
And ya so far there is no news on if the PSI reaches above what and stop working...
So ya sorry you still need to work. =p



  1. Got to wash that towels man, or you might breathe in those polluants!

    1. ya man. I started to hang inside my house now.

  2. This was the worst situation since year 1997, hope all concerned can solve the haze problems effectively this time and come up with the workable plan.