Manhattan FISH MARKET - $3.99 Fish ‘n Chips returns to WOW diners!!!

The ‘Best Deal In Town’ Returns To Celebrate Independence Day At The Manhattan FISH MARKET 
The phenomenal $3.99 Fish ‘n Chips returns to WOW diners at an amazing price of… you’ve guessed it; SGD$3.99 for five days!
SINGAPORE, June 19, 2013 – When the American War of Independence ended in 1783, the British recognized the independence of the United States of America and they had to pack up lock, stock & barrel with them and leave the newly formed nation. But if there is one thing which the British had left behind on Independence Day which the Americans are thankful for, it would be the very much celebrated fish & chips!
The Manhattan FISH MARKET revels with diners to herald Independence Day with shouts of “Thank God the Brits left us their fish & chips!” from July 1st to July 5th 2013 with the highly anticipated ‘Best Deal In Town’ where the yummy $3.99 Fish ‘n Chips takes center stage at an unbelievably low price of, yes; you’ve guessed it correctly again - SGD$3.99 per serving for dine-ins and takeaways.
Served hot to be a FIN-tastic delight, the $3.99 Fish ‘n Chips comprises one BIG piece of the finest hand-battered dory fish fillet and complemented with yummy-licious golden brown chips to tantalize the taste buds at anytime of the day for five days!
 $3.99 Fish ‘n Chips
Fancy a cheesy meal with your favourite fish & chips at another astounding deal? Top up SGD$1.95 enjoy the Fish ‘n Chips with our marvelous chips drenched in lots of cheese.
 Fish ‘n Chips with cheese
Fans of grilled dishes will not be disappointed with the ‘Best Deal In Town’, too! At the same amazing offer of SGD$3.99; diners can tuck into the Grilled Glory Dory. With all the juice and goodness sealed in the deliciously grilled dory and accompanied by Garlic Herb rice and vegetables, the dish is destined to treat diners to a glorious meal!
 Grilled Glory Dory
But that’s not it! ‘The Best Deal In Town’ extends the Independence Day celebrations with more treats to whet the appetite. Herald in the revelry with a friend to share the following dishes:
·        Cheesy Nacho Chips at SGD$6.95
o       Share and savor over a serving of crispy tortilla chips laced with warm melted cheese to satisfy all cheesy cravings
·        Garlic Herb Mussels at SGD$7.95
o       Poached mussels in our signature Garlic Herb sauce, served with baguette to soak up the delicious sauce
  Garlic Herb Mussels
.And if you fancy an accompaniment to your meals, reel in the Best Catch comprising one Coke drink and one Soup of the Day atSGD$3.90. Just ask our friendly waiting staff, otherwise known as Sea-cret Agents; for the soup of the day which will be specially prepared by the Chef.
Hurry on and come to The Manhattan FISH MARKET for five FIN-tastic days of the Best Deal In Town’. Available for dine-ins and takeaways.
(All prices quoted are before tax and service charge)
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About The Manhattan FISH MARKET

Inspired by the finest seafood restaurants found along Fulton Street in Manhattan, The Manhattan FISH MARKET serves you only the freshest, lip-smacking American-style seafood. One bite is enough to keep you swimming back! The Manhattan FISH MARKET has become one of Asia’s leading casual dining restaurant chains by serving unforgettable dining experiences that 'WOW' people; ensuring only the highest quality seafood is served; and by offering innovation and variety in our menu. Our signature Manhattan-style seafood is currently enjoyed by consumers in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

In Singapore, The Manhattan FISH MARKET restaurants are located at the following locations:
·        Bedok Point
·        Bugis+
·        Causeway Point
·        Century Square
·        City Square
·        Changi City Point
·        Hougang Mall (Opening in 2013)
·        JCube
·        Junction 8
·        North Point
·        Plaza Singapura