Confronted a guy who chopped seat with namecard!!!!

I was at Lau Pat Sat this whole week for some work.
So during this week, I visited Lau Pat Sat several times for my lunch.
The lunch crowd there was really quite bad, especially during 12pm-2pm

Although there were empty seat, but not exactly...
You have to look closer at the seats again.
You may see tissues paper on the seat everywhere!
Just if you are thinking is the tissue free for you to use???
You are WRONG!!!
They are used to chope the seats!!!

Well not exactly tissue papers only, I spotted namecards, lighter and EMPTY LANYARD. =p

Then today, I was so desperately looking for seat to eat my lunch with my friend, I saw this table with seats chopped with namecards. I was so pissed off with that and sat down after removing the namecards. Don't care so much.

Guess what happened after that?
Yes, the owner of the namecard, a Assistant Manager came back with his 2 other colleagues.

Assistant Manager: "We went to get out food and...."

Me:"Excuse me, whose namecard is this? Are you chopping seat with this namecard? I don't think it's right to chope seat with namecard. It's just weird! This is a public place. You could have ask your colleagues to help you buy while you sit down and look after the seats."

Assistant Manager: "Ok ok sorry... and I just need 3 seats." 

The Assistant manager then sat down with his 2 other colleagues, sharing the table with me and my other friend.

I mean seriously... what he did was so selfish! If he scare no seats, he could have just ask his colleagues to help him buy the food. Guess what? The 3 of them ate the same food from the same stall. This is how stupid that was. This is not going to make Singapore UNIQUE! Even if it was, it is uniquely UGLY.

I just hope that Singaporean can stop this kind of selfish behavior. 

NO CHOPPING OF SEAT WITH TISSUE in Singapore, please!!!


My friend was telling me it is NORMAL in CBD area.
I told him if he is eating alone, he can always get his food and join other table who have a seat for him. 
I am pretty sure there is some seat for him somewhere somehow or he can wait awhile for people to eat finish.  For scenario 2, if he is with his friends, get the friends to help him buy while he look after the seats."



  1. This ugly sight has been going on for the longest time already! They can use everything they have on hand to chop seat! This is so irritating

    1. I know right.... So agreed with you. IRRITATING PEOPLE!

  2. I totally agree as it is not a law or rule of the FnB outlet to chope seats with tissues or objects. It is plain stupid to do so. just swipe away if necessary. :D

  3. btw i am a local, just in case these "people" claim that this is a local culture to do so.

    1. we don't need such local culture! Like seriously... DISGRACE!

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