Visited Safra Yishun Open House 2013!!!

Last weekend, I was invited to the Safra Yishun Open House!!!
Together with me in this picture- CK & Jeremy!

The Open House was held on 15th June 2013 and lucky no HAZE at that point of time!
It was a great sunny day that day!

The event started at 11am and ends at 4pm on that day.
I saw lot of people there with their friends and family!

Woo... Nice big swimming pool you see in the photo and there is also a rock climbing wall behind too!

Kids getting their complimentary candy floss!

I spotted a happy kid!!! haha....

There was a nice buffet lunch!!!

well well... that was my plate of food!

There were also booths selling clothes, accessories and many other interesting things!

And yes, the guests that day also get to try the indoor air weapon shooting (Rifle)!

Guest trying out the air weapon shooting at 10m distance.

That's ME!!!
Trying to get a good score!

My 1st time trying with 5 shot and this was the result!
What do you think?

The bullets

CK also a great shooter!

Woo... Check out our result!!!

Yeah I quite like my 'Wow' Tee I got from Topman!

There are so many activities going around! 
This table you saw in the picture is doing Caricature!
Best part, it is FREE for everyone!

So CUTE right! I should have go ask her draw me too!

There was a photo booth for everyone to take back a photo too!

It's always fun taking photo!!!

You can tell we really enjoying it!

After so much fun at Safra Yishun, I really want to thanks Safra for inviting me to this great event!
Safra is definitely more than just a club!
It is a great place for friends to come together and enjoy a day out! =)

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