Some Eco-Friendly Tips for Home/ Office!!!

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10 tips on how you can go green!!!

1. Replace only when needed
A lot of people have the wrong perception, thinking going green means getting new stuff but it may not be true. When you buy new appliance, more stuff ends up in a landfill. So try to use everything till it’s worn out before replacing it.

2. Second-hand stores like Cash Convertor
Sometime shopping at Cash Convertor, you be surprised to find some really cheap and good stuffs! You can also become a frequent contributor to second-hand stores. 

3. Antiques
Antiques can be a wonderful way to go green and it add aesthetic interest to your home. Sometime it can be a good deco to your house/office too.

4. Rethink art
You know some artist they specialize in reclaimed or recycled pieces. Artwork doesn’t tend to be a huge environmental hazard, but by adding artwork with an environmental spin, you inspire your family and others. The plastic vase with flowers you saw in the picture is actually what I have made with plastic bottles. I can even thought of making it into a piggy bank by cutting a hold at the center of the bottle. There are more way of recycling it! I'm sure you can think of more creative one!

5. Study materials
Learn what material items are made from and the environmental impact of those materials. Go for natural and organic materials like 100% organic cotton sheets, fair-trade products, recycled plastics, reclaimed wood and bamboo products. This may take up time and effort, but isn’t it a good thing when you are a more educated consumer.

6. Plants
Adding plants to your home/ office is great to the environment, as plant express your desire to be environmentally sound and help process and clean the air inside the house/ office.

7. The right paint
Go for environmentally friendly paint so it is low odour or odourless for your office

8. Light bulbs
Choose compact fluorescent lights as they are a more energy-efficient solution, and they’ll last longer than traditional light bulbs. By buying CFL bulbs, you’ll save money in the long run, and lighten your impact on the environment.

9. Learn DIY  
Learn to fix it, recover it, decorate it or be creative and give it a new life. You will realised that there is a lot of things you need not throw or replace after you know how to DIY them.

10. Share your magazines
After reading, pass them on to your friends.

11. Turn your computer off at the end of the day
Your computer may go to sleep, but it's still sucking up energy. Turn your computer off at the end of the day.

12. Print only necessary
Print only what is absolutely necessary and recycle paper by using both sides.

Less is more
Well these ideas are by no means the only ways you can begin adding environmentally friendly touches to your home/ office — they’re just a few tips to get you kick start. You’ll find that as you learn more about what is good for the environment and what harms it, you’ll uncover new and innovative ways to bring eco-friendly touches to your home/ office.

The most important thing you should always remember is that being environmentally conscious does not necessarily mean having to buy new, more expensive items. You need to be more wisely in choosing which item to keep, which to replace, what to repair or refinish, or what to throw away. The most eco-conscious homeowners are not looking for the biggest house filled with the newest, most environmental products. They’re going the opposite route entirely and thinking smaller, used, antique and “less is more.”

And since I am talking about Eco-friendly, do you know that Panasonic aims to become the No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry?

Yes, Panasonic was founded based on the philosophy of contributing to progress in society and to enriching people's lives through business activities. By offering products that help people lead better, greener lives, Panasonic have made close ties with people worldwide.

Panasonic believe they can integrate contribution to the environment with business growth, by driving green innovation in all aspects of their business practices such as product development firmly rooted in people's everyday lives and production activities.

The 'Eco ideas' mark symbolizes Panasonic's strong commitment to continuous environmental sustainability management.

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  2. I love how you say replacing things isn't always a good idea. You really should only replace the things you need. I want to replace my air cooling unit but I am waiting until I actually need to. It works now but I want a more energy efficient one. I may also look into eco-friendly equipment rental options.

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  4. Something most people don't even know is that utility companies can make a big difference in ways to stay Eco-friendly. For example I just switched my office to NA Power where they offer a energy friendly package that a percentage of your electricity comes from renewable energy. I thought this was a big step for energy companies to start becoming so involved in Eco-friendly behaviors.

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