Transforming my old t-shirt into a useful Eco-friendly T-Shirt Bag!!!

Wanna check out how you too can go Eco too?
Scroll down and find out how I transformed my 
old t-shirts into T-Shirt Bag, T-Shirt Coasters and unwanted socks into a Sock Pouch!

Just few day back, I was at a Eco Crafts Workshop organized by Panasonic &
The workshop was held at City Square Mall, an Eco-friendly mall.

Do you know that City Square Mall is the first mall in Singapore to be integrated with an urban park. Named City Green, the 49,000 square feet park is like a green carpet laid out in front of the mall to welcome visitors. Filled with numerous wonderful surprises, City Green is designed to provide a learning experience about ecology and the natural environment. 

So that's answer to why the organizers chose this place for the Eco Craft Workshop.

Beside me, there were also many other people who was there at the workdshop to learn some Eco-craft skills. I also spotted many parent bringing their kids there too!

I'm sure the kids learn some great skills and knowledge on how they can go Eco-friendly through the workshop too!

Ok... That's me working on the my 1st T-shirt Bag! =)

I tied a knot with some cloth which was cut out from my t-shirt to secure the base of the bag.

So now I have my cool  T-Shirt bag!!!
(Scroll down to the end of my post to learn how to make one.)

I also did another one from a white t-shirt which I seldom wear anymore!
Nice right??? (Scroll down to the end of my post to learn how to make one.)

You can used unwanted sock to make this cool Sock Pouch too!
(Scroll down to the end of my post to learn how to make one.)

Kids, we can all go Eco-friendly together right!!!

A big group photo with everyone!!! 
Spotted me?

Yeah... The Panasonic Best Eco-Challenge Bloggers were there that day!!!
We all had a great time making new friends and also learn some Eco Craft skills to practice at home!

Shall we go shopping now with our Eco-friendly Bag we made!!!!


Hey guys,
after reading so much of ways you can go Eco-friendly!
Why not try to make some of this useful things (Coaster, bag or pouch) with your old t-shirts or unwanted socks!!!

Hope you all have fun making it!
Together we can do our part for the environment!
Yes go Eco with me!!!