Aaron Tan's Youtube War- CHINESE BOY vs GUAILOU

Hey guys, I bet you guys had heard this "BIG HOO HA" on the video of Aaron Tan aka Mr Priest!!!

Aaron Tan became infamous overnight.
Everyone is talking about him!!!

All this begin with the 18 year old boy- Aaron Tan who posted a video on Facebook taunting a 14 years old boy known as Ryanzxc Gobangwall on Facebook.

In the video, Aaron Tan accused Ryan of “honging (flirting in Singapore gangster lingo)” his ex-girlfriend, Nina Wantyouonly and threatens to take revenge on him.

You gonna watch this video below and find out why this video create a "Big HOO HA" later!!!

And because of this, there is a YOUTUBE WAR now between DarkwinteR11 (Chinese) & FadedHolySoldier (Ah Mo).

The YOUTUBE WAR started because of this "Ah Mo" criticizing our Asian's English pronunciation on the word "PLEASE" as "PRIEST". I felt he is a bit RACIST for that.

The RACIST remark made by FadedHolySoldier

DarkwinteR11: Chinese guy shoots back at guailou!

FadedHolySoldier: APOLOGY


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