Guinness Live PK Round 10 - JEREMY VS ALVIN

It's another round of Guinness Live at Shanghai Dolly again!!!
Did you missed the great performance?

That night was Jeremy and Alvin PK-ing on stage!!!
Guess who won that night?

Jason Chung (Mentor), Alvin, Jeremy & William (Mentor)

Alvin of Team Dragonfly

Jeremy from Team Shanghai Dolly

The audience got to cheer for their favourite singer!!!

The invited judges that night

Congrats to Jeremy of Shanghai Dolly!!!

Jeremy & friends who showed up at Shanghai Dolly to support him!!!

The Shanghai Dolly Team

Hear what the contestants have to say

Jeremy: "I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot. Also i got to sing my favourite song in the competition!!

Yes i do agree with a lot of what they said. I dont think they are trying to stifle my creativity but they are telling me that i've got to sing in a way that would suit the environment i am in an in this case its a pub. They are a little tough though, don't u think? Hee

Definitely on my facial expression and gestures. My aim in this competition is to give myself some confidence on stage because until now there is still a big part of me that doesn't feel that i deserve to be there and i think it translates through my nervous eyes and stiff movements....."

Alvin: "I didn't think I did particularly well but I'm glad I managed to pull off my last song.

I agreed on the part regarding the familiarity of the lyrics and the other comments regarding my stage presence stuff.

I will be working very hard on getting my lyric memorization up to par for next week"

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