Launching of the Wishing Sphere with Voluntary Welfare Organisations

Did you notice the white sphere at the Marina Bay?

Yes these are the Wishing Sphere which was collected from various Wishing Stations across Singapore over the month for Marina Bay Singapore Countdown Celebration (31 Dec 2011)!!!

This year 20,000 of these wishing sphere, all marked with hand-written wishes made by Singaporean and Visitors will floated on the water and become a visual arts installation at Marina Bay- the Bay of Hope and Light.

Yesterday evening (20 Dec 2011), there was a Wishing Sphere activities with the VWOs (Voluntary Welfare Organisations)!!!

There were elderly from Moral SAC (MacPherson), Moral NL (Kaki Bukit).
Also children & parents from Hougang Sheng Hong FSC and Moral FSC (Bedok North).

Each group consists of about 30-40 pax.

Several Wishing Spheres were passed around for them to pen their wishes.

An old lady receiving the sphere with joy!

Couple penning down their wishes on the Wishing Sphere.

An old man penning his wishes in Chinese...

A little girl penning her new year's wishes.

A group of young childrens penning their wishes on the Wishing Sphere.

Most of them wrote to study hard to get good grade in their studies!!! =)

We have friends from Argentina too!!!

I went to google and find out the meaning of what they wrote.

"Salud" means "Health"

"Amor" means "Love"

"Prosperidad" means "Prosperity"

An Indian Family penning their wishes for the new year!!!

I realised a lot of kids wrote this...

See another kid wrote she want iPad 4!!!

Another group of HAPPY FAMILY!!!

So lovely....

A lady coming forward to pen her wishes before the Sphere are launched onto the Marina Bay.

2 brothers penning their wishes on the Wishing Sphere.

Participants from various voluntary welfare organisations walking down the stair near Esplanade's outdoor theatre, preparing to launch their "wishing spheres" into Marina Bay.

Photograghers on the boat ready to capture the moment...

Participants standing at the stair ready to launch their Wishing Sphere onto the Marina Bay.





Participants launched their wishing sphere into the Marina Bay!!!

Nice!!! Wishing Sphere flying!!!

I saw a nice drawing of the cartoon character

"SpongeBob SquarePants" at the top right hand side.


It is sure a momentous moment for everyone!!!

The Wishing Sphere with "SpongeBob SquarePants" cartoon drawing on the water.

After the launch of the Wishing Sphere, the participants were given some food and drinks.

Sharing moment...

A little boy enjoying the drink that were given to them at the event.

Ain't he CUTE...

A photogragher capturing photo of the the workers at work- collecting the Sphere to rearrange them on the Marina Bay.

It is seriously HARD WORK for the workers...

KUDOS to them!!!


brought to you by the SUMMERTIMES BIG BAND!!!

Who are they?

The Summertimes Big Band has gained much visibility since it was formed in early 2009, after having performed for over eighty shows and getting Singaporeans much in the mood for good swing music.

Proudly all-Singaporean, the band was invited to perform as Grammy Award-winning Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra and to various festivals such as the Hong Kong International Big Band Festival and the Mosaic Music Festival.

With their passion for big band music going strong, the 18 dedicated musician-friends of Summertimes are sure to win your applause this Christmas through their happy brand of music—of friendships, love and much joy!

Here is a video I recorded, enjoy the nice music!!!

During the event,

Some people were at the Wishing Station near the Esplanade's Outdoor Theatre

to pen down their wishes for 2012...

Parents and children penning down their wishes...

So lovely and heart warming....

Spotted some wishes in Chinese.

Wishing for Happiness, Good Health, Wealth and Success!!!

A mother helping her little boy in supporting the Sphere...

A foreigner wrote this on the sphere...

And this is what I wrote...

"I wish good health to all my friends!!!"

Looking forward for the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown to 2012 Celebration and all the Sphere were become a visual arts installation at Marina Bay- the Bay of Hope and Light.

10 more days to 2012!!!

Pictures taken with Nikon COOLPIX S1100pj
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