Guinness Live Round 22- AYDAN vs ALVIN

It was round 22 of Guinness Live @Shanghai Dolly!!!
We have the 2 contestant in the Alvin & Aydan and beside them are the 2 mentors, Jason & William.

Alvin of Team Dragonfly

Aydan of Team Shanghai

Wow Aydan's supporter are really HARDCORE!!!

The crowd cheering for their favorite singer!!!

Congrats to Aydan for winning with the score of 89!!!

An interview session with Aydan.

How do you feel of your performance tht night?
I feel that me n Alvin had a friendly match as we both said that we would wan to deliver a nice and exciting performance for everyone that nice. We hope we did.

What did the judges said and do you agreed to the comments?
The judges mentioned that the first song ( jiu ai hai shi zui mei ) I can inject more feelings yeah. Yeah I think I have to get into the feel of the song even faster.
As the competition progresses, I understood what the mentors were saying and I tried to incorporate them into the singing and stage and I do hope I am able to portray a better me on stage.

What will you be working on to improve on your singing?
I will be working a lot on the dynamics of singing and the songs. And also more stage works and how to interact with the audience more.

What do you have to say to your fans and friends?
Thanks NIC for the wonderful LED board! The moment I saw it. I was shocked yeah. She said she ordered from shanghai and dhl to Singapore. Thanks .
Thanks to all my friends who came down to support and I hope to do a even better show next round.

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