Guinness Live PK Round 12 - BENITA VS HOWIE

It was Round 12- Benita VS Howie at Firefly!!!
Did you missed their great performance?

Benita from Team Shanghai Dolly

Howie from Team Firefly

Congrats to Howie!!!
It was a tough fight!!!

A friendship hug

Benita with William Scorpion

Me & William Scorpion (Same name as me.. hahaha...)

Benita & her supporters

Let hear from the contestant backstage on how they feel about their performance that night

Howie: "I think I did okay for my performance that night. I was pretty happy with how I did those songs, especially 纸飞机 and 如果没有你. I thought these two were really challenging for me as they're not in my style, but I'm glad that I managed to pull it off.

The judges said that I messed up the start and the end of the last song, but I guess since it's live it's inevitable. When I play with my band I make mistakes all the time too. HAHAHA.

I do agree that I didn't look particularly comfortable on stage: not that I was nervous or anything, but I guess I'm just not used to singing without my guitar and mic stand like with my band. I'm just gonna have to find things to do with other hand when I'm holding the mic.

As usual, I'm just gonna work on delivering the songs and doing them justice, whether they're in my usual style or not. I'm also gonna bear in mind what they said about my stage presence, and try to figure out how to sing when I'm not with my guitar or mic stand.

Thanks to all those who had came down to support me, week in week out. There's nothing more I could ask from you guys. Let's party hard after the next round!"

Benita: "I believe that I could have done better this round, but due to many external factors, I was unable to do so. Therefore this show isn't really well presented.

My main problem is my diction and understanding the lyrics of the songs, especially 追. Diction has never become my problem until just then, that's when I realise that I have slackened down too much in my mandarin. I'm going to ask my mum for stories behind the songs, so as to deliver the meanings clearly.

As I'll be singing 3 different types of songs for my next round, my stage presence got to be a little different. I'm going to plan them thoroughly, so please do anticipate. And definitely, I'm going to ask around for some pointers to improve on.
I really thank you guys for coming and supporting, and I'm really sorry to have put up a not-really-good show. In order not to disappoint you guys, I'll work doubly hard to repay you guys!"

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