It's Round 15 of Guinness Live- Phoebee VS Benita at Shanghai Dolly!!!

Benita from Team Shanghai Dolly

Phoebee from Team Dragonfly

The guest that night giving their vote to the contestants.
Who won that night?

The invited judges each got 5 points and who will they vote for?

Congrats to Benita from Team Shanghai Dolly for winning that night!!!

Friendship hug... Guess it is not just a competition ...
The contestants made friends!

An interview with Benita

What do you think of your performance your last round with Phoebee?
I think it was better as compared to my last round, maybe it's due to the adjustment of my mindset. I treated it as a show, a performance, and not a competition, therefore I was much more relaxed and was able to give a better performance than the previous one. :):)
However, I know that there are room for improvement, and I will continue to work hard, and put up a good show.

What did the judges say and do you agree?
My breathing caused the inability in producing a beautiful high notes for my first song, 沒有煙抽的日子, and that is one of the major flaws that I agreed with.

What will you be working on for next round?
I will definitely work on my breathing, and I'm going to maintain a more relaxed mind, so as to give a good show for my subsequent rounds :):)

What you have to say for your fans and friends?
I really want to express my gratitude to all my friends, TEAM SHANGHAI DOLLY, and most importantly, my mum, who gave them their supports in coming for all the rounds. I've dedicated this show to those who came down and watched. So, if you've missed, do come down for the subsequent rounds to be part of Guinness Live!

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