Similarities of Singapore Wishing Sphere & Taiwan Sky Lantern

Do you know that the Taiwan- Sky Lantern (Left) & Singapore- Wishing Sphere (Right) have some similarities?

Sky Lantern in Taiwan- During the night of lantern festival, many people in Taiwan will fly the sky lantern by writing their wishes on the paper lantern and pray their wishes come true. Long time ago, people thought the lantern will fly up to the heaven. The god of heaven will receive their messages and will give them blessing.

The sky lantern probably was invented before Late Han Dynasty. A prime minister Kung-Ming used sky lantern for military liaison purpose during Three Kingdom epoch (221A.D.). Some people still call the sky lantern as Kung-Ming lantern.

There is a story for this custom. Once a village was attacked by the private. When the private ship came, people ran to and hide in the mountain. When private left, some one in the town flew the sky lantern to tell people in the mountain safe to come home. It happened on the 15th lunar day in that year. Now people do the same way to depict their peace, safety and without accident.

Wishing Sphere in Singapore- Every year, the people of Singapore celebrate the coming of the New Year by launching wishing spheres into Marina Bay– the bay of hope and light.

Each wishing sphere represents a hope, a belief that the New Year will bring new possibilities and a brighter tomorrow.

The tradition of the wishing spheres was launched years ago by Singapore’s authorities as a way to bring people together and now it has become an international event.

Also like the Taiwan's Sky Lantern, people from all over the world will pen down their wishes for the new year on the Wishing Sphere. The Sphere will then be launched into Marina Bay- the bay of hope and light instead of flying up the sky like the Sky Lantern.

This year, 20,000 wishing spheres carrying the hopes of over 500,000 people in Singapore will be set afloat in Marina Bay to form part of a spectacular visual arts display. The wishes were collected from various wishing stations across the island over the month.

You may also pen your wishes on the virtual wishing spheres at

(Left) People penning down their wishes on the Wishing Sphere in Singapore.
(Right) Me and my family penning our wishes on the Sky Lantern at Taiwan last month.

It was my 1st time penning wishes on the Wishing Sphere and the Sky Lantern and I really enjoy doing it with my friends and family. =)

(Left) People in Singapore launching the Wishing Sphere into the Marina Bay.
(Right) People in Taiwan launching the Sky Lantern into the sky.

Did you see the similarities? I'm really proud of Singapore's Wishing Sphere!!! I noticed a lot of foreigner are also joining in the FUN to this annual event too!!

Video of Sky Lanterns at Pingxi, New Taipei City

Video of the Wishing Sphere at Marina Bay, Singapore (Past Event)

A photo of last year beautiful view of Marina Bay filled with

a lot of colorful Wishing Sphere!!!

On 31 Dec 2011, be at Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2011 Celebration to witness your wishing sphere, together with 20,000 others filled with the wishes of all Singaporeans, become part of a visual arts installation in Marina Bay – the Bay of hope and light.

It's gonna be a great

COUNTDOWN CELEBRATION at Marina Bay on 31 Dec 2011!!!

Don't miss it!!!

Headlined by pop-rock's latest sensation from Canada - These Kids Wear Crowns, Malaysia's pop diva - Siti Nurhaliza, Singapore Idols - Sezairi Sezali and Sylvia Ratonel, Sheikh Haikel, Nat Ho and Inch Chua, this year's Countdown Show promises to entertain, enthrall and enrapture the crowd with a greater variety of music than ever!

Hosted by local celebrities Gurmit Singh, Michelle Chia and 987FM's Divian & Jacqui, Celebrate 2012 promises an energetic evening of 'live' performances to usher in and kick-start the New Year! Feel the mood escalate and revel in the sizzling atmosphere as 2012 is brought around with a fantastic fireworks display by the Bay!

Then, make sure to put on your dancing shoes, as DJ Thryce & DJ Vault will be spinning your favourite Top 40 hits, Electro, dance, hip-Hop, R&B, Pop and House beats right after! It's 7 hours of non-stop partying and fun, fun, fun!
These Kids Wear Crowns (8 songs showcase from 9.15pm)
Siti Nurhaliza (7 songs showcase from 10pm)

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Where will the event be held?
The event will be held at The Float @ Marina Bay.

Who will be performing on the show?
Canadian sensation These Kids Wear Crowns (with hits such as 'Jumpstart' and 'Break It Up') and Malaysian powerhouse Siti Nurhaliza will headline the show.
For the full list of performers CLICK HERE

What time does the event start?
Doors open from 7pm on 31 December 2011.
Pre-show performances start at 8 pm to 10.45 pm.
The `live' TV show is from 11 pm - 12.15 am, followed by the biggest dance party in Singapore with music by DJ Thryce and DJ Vault until 3am.
Come early to get the best seats for an awesome view of the show and the fireworks.

What are the highlights of Celebrate 2012?
These Kids Wear Crowns and Siti Nurhaliza will also each hold a special showcase just before the Celebrate 2012 live show begins.

What time will the special showcases begin?
These Kids Wear Crowns will perform at 9.15pm and Siti Nurhaliza will perform at 10pm.

Is there an age limit for entry to the dance party?
There is no age limit for the dance party. However, sale of alcohol will be only permitted to individuals 18 years and above. Photo identification is required.

Where can I buy tickets?
To buy your tickets CLICK HERE

How much is a ticket?
A normal ticket is priced at $25, BUT there are discounts - see below.

Is there a limit to how many tickets I can purchase?
No. You may purchase tickets in bulk.20% Discount for Group Purchase (5 or more tickets)

What are the discounts available?
10 % Discount for Student and NSF
20% Discount for Group Purchase (5 or more tickets)
50% Discount for children 12 years and below and Senior Citizens

What do I do if I lose my ticket?
Please immediately contact SISTIC Customer Service Officer at (65) 6348 5555 and provide the following information: - the event title - date and time of the event - number of tickets purchased - date and venue of purchase - mode of payment - SISTIC account number - name and IC number. Please note that there is an administrative fee of $5 per lost ticket. We would like to inform you that there is strictly NO ticket replacement for General Admission events.

It's 31st December, I want to attend Celebrate 2012, but I haven't bought a ticket. Where can I buy one?
If you wish to buy a ticket to Celebrate 2012 on the day of the event, you can do so at the entrance of The Float @ Marina Bay and the Sistic booth at Millenia Walk. The booth at Millenia Walk will remain open until 10pm.

Do I need to buy a ticket for my child?
Free admission for infant in arms and child aged below 2 years old. Child between 2 to 12 years old must purchase ticket of $12.50 for admission. Please note that random checks on concession tickets will be conducted at the point of entry. Patrons unable to present proof of eligibility are required to upgrade their concession tickets to full price tickets.

Am I allowed to re-enter the event?
You may re-enter the event venue via the main entry or designated re-entry points. Please make sure that you receive a stamp on your ticket stub when you are leaving the event venue. You will be required to present the stamped ticket stub for re-entry.Please ensure that your wrist tag is intact when you re-enter.

What if there is heavy rain during the event day?
This is a rain or shine event. The organizer may add, withdraw or substitute artistes and/or vary advertised programmes, event times, seating arrangements and audience capacity without prior notice.

What should I bring to the event?
Don't forget your ticket - you'll need to show it at the main entrance to get it. Only bring what you can afford to lose.Tickets are non-refundable. As this is a rain or shine event, you may want to bring your raincoat or umbrella.

Can I bring my own food & drinks into the venue?
Food and drinks cannot be brought into the venue. However, you can purchase food and drinks from the food & beverage vendors at the venue.

What type of food is available and who are the vendors in the venue?
Party food like burgers, crispy chicken, hot dogs, and kebabs will be sold, as well as refreshing drinks like bubble tea. Photo identification is required when buying any alcoholic beverages at the event.

Is there a dress code?
Come dressed to party in comfortable and stylish wear.

Is the event recorded and broadcast on TV?
Yes. The event organizer may use the Ticket Holder's image or likeness in any live or recorded video display, photograph, picture or publicity material or website.

Is photography permitted?
Yes. Take incredible photographs that will help you remember the fun you had at Celebrate 2012.

What is the best way to get to the event?
Travelling by public transport saves you money, reduces pollution, is stress-free, sociable and helps you to beat the queues and traffic jam.The nearest MRT station will be City Hall and the nearest Circle Line station is Promenade. For more details on the road closure, please visit LTA website.

Will there be security screening?
For reasons of security and safety, the event organizer reserves the right and will exercise its discretion to refuse any potentially dangerous items into the venue, whether before, during or after the event.

The event organiser shall not be liable for any death, personal injury, loss or damage however caused while in the venue nor are they liable for any complaints, claims, refunds, or exchange for any reason whatsoever.

Entry to the Event may be subject to age restrictions specified in the webpage or in publicity for the Event, and no refunds will be made on the grounds that the Ticket Holder was not aware of such age restrictions.

Entry to the Venue will be subject to the Venue's prevailing terms and conditions of entry.

Is smoking allowed in the premises?
No. Smoking is NOT allowed in the premises.



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