Asia Pacific Breweries- The CHEERS Challenge

Have you been a responsible drinker?
Do you toast to right people?
Do you drink on empty stomach?

It is important to set some RULES for yourself when drinking. Be responsible to yourself!
You will have fun if you made the good choices and good cheer! Have fun drinking, cheers!

Here is a customised online game developed by Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) as a fun way of engaging consumers (who are of legal drinking age) by encouraging them to make good choices towards responsible drinking without compromising on the fun factor.!

Take part in THE CHEERS CHALLENGE,and stand to win Sony Cybershot cameras, iPads, or even a dream holiday for two!

Go into The CHEERS Challenge and start playing now!!! (Deadline: 1 May 2011)

In this game, your aim is to toast the right characters quickly and accurately, based on their individual descriptions.

If you toasted to the wrong person, you will lose mug, so be CAREFUL who you are toasting!

For instance, it’s ok to toast sensible drinkers like Betty the Beer Girl, who knows when to stop and never drinks on an empty stomach. Earn points when you toast the right characters... ... and lose a mug when you toast the wrong ones!

However, if you toast characters like Tony the Kid (he’s underage!), or Derek the Designated Driver (who’s gonna send you home now!?), you lose a mug for your poor judgement! The game ends when you lose all 5 mugs of beer, so the aim is to get your score as high as possible within the given time, while keeping your mugs of beer!

Well that is my score... I know I am bad and you can do better.
Start playing now at THE CHEERS CHALLENGE. The Challenge ends on 1 May 2011.

Good luck & Cheers!!!