Michelle Chia Shaun Chen going for Divorce???

While other married celebrity couples like Fann Wong & Christopher Lee, and Zheng Geping & Hong Huifang hand-in-hand walked on the red carpet to the stage for Star Awards 2011 on Sunday night, Michelle Chia stepped on the red carpet without her husband Shaun Chen.

Is their 3 year marriage really on the ROCKS???
Are they filing a divorce like what others rumoured?
It has became a topic of that night. Michelle had wore a chili-red dress complete with fibreglass breast cones during the awards show. When asked, Shaun admitted that he was shocked with her outfit.

I just hoped nothing happened to this couple. They looked sweet together with both of them so good looking. Hope to see them act as couple on TV one day!!! Maybe act as Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nui. Should be nice!!!


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