Winners for Star Awards 2011 ???

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Best Actor
Christopher Lee - Breakout
Elvin Ng - Breakout
Qi Yu Wu - The Family Court
Tay Ping Hui - The Family Court
Shaun Chen - Your Hand in Mine

Best Actress
Chen Li Ping - Unriddle
Jeanette Aw - Breakout
Zhou Ying - Breakout
Joanne Peh - Your Hand in Mine
Rui En - With You

Best Supporting Actor
Andie Chen - Precious Babes
Darren Lim - Breakout
Terence Cao - The Best Things In Life
Yao Wen Long - The Family Court
Zzen - Unriddle

Best Variety Show
Bryan Wong - Home Decor Survivor 4
Guo Liang - Black rose
Kym Ng - Love on A Plate
Michelle Chong - Black Rose
Pornsak - Food Source

Best Info-ed Programme Host
Belinda Lee - Stars For A Cause
Bryan Wong - Behind Every Job
Guo Liang - Legendary Cuisine
Joanne Peh - The Activist's Journey
Mark Lee - Behind Every Job

Best News Presenter
Chun Guek Lay - Focus
Desmond Lim Soo Guan - Good Morning Singapor
Iriana Halim - Good Morning Singapor
Lim Yi Chyi - Good Morning Singapore
Tung Soo Hua - Money Week

Young Talent Award
Fraser Tiong Kah Kee - Happy Family
Grace Ng Xin Yi - The Best Things In Life
Jerald Tan - Breakout
Kaylar Ong Zhi Wei - With You
Regene Lim Yong Yi - Happy Family

Best Drama Serial
New Beginnings
The Family Court
With You

Best Variety Programme
Dream Potter
Food Source
Gate Keepers
Going Home
Love On A Plate

Best Variety Special
Renci Charity Show
Star Awards 2010 (Show 1)
Star Search 10 - Grand Finals
Thong Chai Charity Night
Thye Hua Kwan Charity show 2010

Best Info-ed Programme
Behind Every Job
Food Notes
Legendary Cuisine
The Activist's Journey
Tuesday Report - 3 Days 2 Nights

Best Theme Song
New Beginning
The Best Things in Life
The Illusionist
With You

Technical Category: Best Director
Chong Liung Man - Breakout
Edmund Tse - Your Hand in Mine
Leong Lye Lin - The Best Things in Life
Loo Yin Kam - The Family Court
Wong Foong Hwee - Unriddle

Technical Category: Best Screenplay
Ang Eng Tee - Breakout
Chen Sew Khoon/Lau Chin Poon - With you
Ng Kah Huay - The Family Court
Phang Kai Yee - Unriddle
Seah Choon Guan/Yeo Saik Pin - New Beginnings

Technical Category: Best Variety Producer
Gan Bee Khim - Dream Poter
Glen Lim - Star Awards 2010 (Show 2)
Jean Toh - Star Search 10 - Grand Finals
Kang Lay See - Love on A Plate
Tan Boon Chong - Food Source

Technical Category: Best Variety Research Writer
Hon Sher Ee - Food Source
Lim Kar Yee - Dream Potter
Loong Li Li - Star Search 10 - Grand Finals
Teo Kim Kee - Love on A Plate
Wong Eng Hong - Going Home

Technical Category: Best News Story
Evelyn Lam - Orchard Flood
Liang Kaixin - Beijing iPhone Scalpers
Ng Lian Cheong - Huge Crowd Emerged with Train Disruption
Wang Zheng - Oil Slick Impact
Zhang Haijie - Kallang Slash

Technical Category: Best Current Affairs Story
Chan Wai Hoe - Focus: Flash floods Stain Singapore
Eugene Lim - Frontline: Changi Beach - Camping site for the homeless
Grace Yang - Focus: 100 Years of Charity Service
Leck Chye Peng - Frontline: The Swollen Leg Auntie
Yap Li Ling - Frontline - Monkey Business

Technical Category: Best Programme Promo
Danny Loh - The Little Nyonya (Encore Telecast)
Ho Chong Jin - Don't Forget The Lyrics (All Stars)
Liew Lee Ming - The Illusionist
Ng Wan Churn - New Beginnings (Campaign - 3 spots)
Ong Wang Jun - Gate Keepers

Technical Category: Best costume & Image Design
Annie Chua - Star Search 10 - Grand Finals
Mark Chua - Lunar New Year Eve Special 2010
Stella Tan - Gate Keepers
Xu Ying Ying - Black Rose
Xu Ying Ying - Breakout

Technical Category: Best Music/Sound Design
Gao Jun Wei/Thong Meng Sum - The Family Court
Long Soo Ming/Teng Kim Lian - With You
Long Soo Ming/Zheng Kaihua - Breakout
Thong Men Sum/Teng Kim Lian - The Score
Zheng Kaihua/See Tiong Men Burtt - Unriddle

Technical Category: Best Editing
Cynthia Chia See Sun - Love On the Plate - Chef Eric
Eu Chuin Fang - Dream Potter
Jane How Lee Chern - Lodge With Me - Felicia Chin
Lin Wei Jie - Star Search - Regional Hunt
Low Lee Lian - Life Transformer 2