F&N Spread The Groove Blogging Challenge- The moment we are all waiting for...

Earlier about 7.30pm, the 10 finalist bloggers gathered at SPH for the F&N Spread The Groove Blogging Challenge's result release. When I was walking into the room, it was like entering a classroom getting my exam result after months of hard work in blogging.

NOW guess who won the

YES!!! It's Darren & myself!!! He won the Spread The Groove Award and I won the Best Blogger Award. We each won a 3D2N flight + Accomodation and 1 tickets to JDD18 + F&N sparkling drinks!!!

Darren was really good! It is double happiness for him! He won another prize- A HTC WildFire with Benjamin, Calvin, Angie and Luke from the HTC Connects You & Me Challenge!

F&N was really nice! They came out with another 2 special prizes for 2 other bloggers, Calvin & Jiayi.

Last year I was in the Finals too but I did not win. This year I came back and tried harder and I'm thankful to have won this time. It was not just a reward to me but also a recognition to what I have done.

Thanks F&N for everything
I had made new friends and had lot of fun memories along the way!!! I believed all the bloggers had fun like me too!

Have F&N Have Fun!