Star Awards 2011: Show 1 -Who are the winners?

1. Favourite Male Character: Elvin Ng (as Zou Jieming in "Breakout")
In his thank you speech, Elvin said: "People with autism are not abnormal, they are just different."

2. Favourite Female Character: Rui En (as Yang Xiao Dong in "Happy Family")

3. Favourite Onscreen Couple (Drama): Christopher Lee & Jeanette Aw (Breakout)

4. Favourite Onscreen Partners (variety): Christopher Lee & Quan Yi Fong (Life Transformers 2)

5. Systema Charming Smile Award: Elvin Ng

6. Young Talent Award: Regene Lim Yong Yi (Happy Family)

7. Rocket Award: Pornsak

8. Top Rated Drama Serial: With You

9. Top Rated Variety Programme: Life Transformers 2

10. Best Theme Song:Breakout

11. Best Director: Chong Liung Man (Breakout)

12. Best Screenplay: Chen Sew Khoon / Lau Chin Poon (With You)

13. Best Variety Producer: Kang Lay See (Love on A Plate)

14. Best Variety Research Writer: Teo Kim Kee (Love on A Plate)

15. Best News Story: Evelyn Lam (Orchard Flood)

16. Best Current Affairs Story: Grace Yang (Focus: 100 Years of Charity Service)

17. Best Programme Promo: Danny Loh (The Little Nyonya, Encore Telecast)

18. Best Costume & Image Design: Annie Chua (Star Search 10 - Grand Finals)

19. Best Music/Sound Design: Long Soo Ming / Zheng Kaihua (Breakout)

20. Best Editing: Lin Wei Jie (Star Search - Regional Hunt)

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Star Awards 2011 Show 2: 'Live' from Resorts World Sentosa: Sunday 24 April, 7pm on Channel 8
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