PAP’s Nee Soon GRC suspends iPad contest

I just read from the yahoo news here. A contest was launched on 3 April, offering residents a chance to win an iPad if they could name the five "familiar" PAP faces or colour the PAP logo that appeared on

This contest had also raised a dispute on whether are they using this to gain more vote with the GE (General Election)around the corner.

Potential PAP candidate for the area, Lim Wee Kiak, told Yahoo! Singapore, "Although it (the contest) does not contravene the election laws, we decided to suspend the contest during the election period and resume after the GE (General Election) so as not to complicate matters since there is so much interest in the website now." Dr Lim said, the team had checked the law before the contest was launched. "There is no breach of any election rules".

The contest which would end on 27 April 2011 had with immediate effect from 19 April been suspended, as Parliament has been dissolved. They informed they will resume the contest , on the same terms, after the GE. The draw will be held on 28 May. Click here for the contest.