Reasons for Michelle Chia Shaun Chen's Divorce

(All photo from Xinmsn.)

The recent rumour of the celebrity couple, Michelle Chia & Shaun Chen filing for divorce is confirmed. It's pretty sad to see them going on separate way. I hope there will be a miracle that this couple can be back together again

Article published in Xinmsn:
In a joint statement released by both Michelle Chia and Shaun Chen yesterday, the couple expressed that they are currently filing for divorce and requested for some space and privacy. They also wished for each other to be "healthy and happy".

At the recent Star Awards 2011 Show 2, the couple refuted rumours and insisted that there weren't any problems in their marriage. Married for two years, their relationship reportedly took a turn for the worse in October 2010 and subsequently became talk of the town when Michelle rejected a hosting gig for a wedding-themed variety programme.

In separate phone interview with xinmsn in the evening yesterday, Michelle sounded visibly shaken and upset over the news.

The actress have been having the runs and suffering from stomach discomfort the past few days. When xinmsn asked if she was sick, the actress calmly replied, "Maybe it's due to stress."

Speaking on their marital problems, Michelle admitted that when the news was leaked in October last year, the both of them were indeed facing "some problems".

"Why did we refute [rumours] back then? That's because the both of us were still trying. If we had admitted, wouldn't that be akin to giving ourselves a death sentence? We did face some problems and confided in a few friends. Little did we expect for the news to be leaked," Michelle clarified in a wavering voice.

Reiterating her point, she added that they have never had a "big fight" and decided to go ahead with a divorce because of "personality differences". She explained that their pace of life and lifestyle habits are different.

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