Star Awards 2011- Boobs and more boobs

You might have missed out watching the Star Awards 2011, or better known as 红星大奖 few day ago. It is one of the grandest local TV awards show in Singapore till date.

This year Star Awards took place at Resort World, Sentosa.
Before the show, you see the celebrities coming in Luxurious Mercedes Benz cars and walked down the long golden carpet to the event.

In every year, the outfits of the celebrities is always a hot topic.
Which female celebrities dressed too much?
Who dressed too little?
Who got biggest boob of the night?

Photo courtesy of xinmsn.

So if it was a Battle of the Boobs between this 6 celebrities (Xiang Yun, Michelle Chia, Jeanette Aw, Joanne Peh, Fann Wong and Pan Ling Ling)? Who should win?

Well I think the winner is pretty obvious! 'Hot Mama' Xiang Yun Won! Cause I think she pulled off well with her cleavage -baring outfits. I had never seen her dressed like this in the past. Well I think her husband Edmund Chen gave her the approval to wear this and also proud of her. Xiang Yun also won the All-Time Favourite Artiste at the Star Awards 2011 Show 2!

As for the guys side, I think Zheng Ge Ping stole the limelight with his revealing chest. Well I got to admire him for having a good body at his age.

Walk of Fame (Part 1)

Walk of Fame (Part 2)

See the whole show here:

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