If music is part of my life, what do you need?

What is music?
Music is sounds that are sung by voices or played on musical instruments,
Life without music would be boring.

For a quiet romantic dinner, we prefer some relaxing music.
When doing some physical work, exercise or socialising in larger groups, we prefer something livelier. 

What do you look out for when choosing the right speakers, earphones or headphones?
For me, when selecting this products, I typically look out for Quality, Design and Pricing.

I'm very delighted to experience the sounds of luxury with JBL, Harman Kardon and AKG and sharing some of their wonderful products!!!

Check out the live demo of JBL Pulse, JBL Charge 2 and JBL Xtreme

JBL Charge 2

Listen wirelessly. Charge endlessly.

- Social Mode
- Passive Radiators
- Built-in Microphone
- Recharge Media Device
- Bluetooth Connectivity

The new JBL Charge 2, a portable stereo speaker offering best-in-class sound with dual drivers and twin passive radiators that deliver deep, accurate bass so powerful that you can actually see them trembling – even as their sound hits your ears. Featuring a 6000mAh Li-ion battery that can play up to 12 hours of music even as it recharges your smartphone or tablet, the Charge 2 is built to outlast all-night parties – as well as charge other portable devices by way of its USB port. It’s an iconic piece of portable audio that was born to be the life of the party anywhere you put it, whether in your living room or in the great outdoors.. But apart from its newly enhanced best-in-class sound and it’s ability to charge other portable devices, what puts the JBL Charge 2 at the far head of the competition are its outstanding Bluetooth capabilities. You can easily connect Charge 2 to any Bluetooth-enabled device by giving the portable’s Bluetooth key a single short press. Featuring Bluetooth A2DP and SBC codec that gives your Bluetooth powerful wireless playability, it also comes with a hands-free speakerphone conferencing microphone complete with noise and echo cancelling technology, giving both your music and your calls unparalleled wireless sound and clarity. Finally, you can access the portable speaker’s Bluetooth Social Mode, freeing up to three different users to wirelessly link their smartphones or tablets to a single Charge 2. Now you and your friends can each take a turn sharing your individual play-lists all on one speaker – so the music options never run dry. JBL sound engineers have never been strangers to taking on the biggest challenges. Charge 2 is further proof that best-in-class sound and groundbreaking innovation runs deep in our blood.

JBL Pulse

Wireless JBL quality fidelity in a Bluetooth- ready light show.
- Multi-LED lights
- Bluetooth Connectivity
- Rechargeable Battery

Let your speaker be as unique as your taste in music with JBL-quality sound combined with a programmable LED light show in one portable speaker package. Completely wireless and Bluetooth®-enabled, stream your favorite music from any smart device and enhance it with your choice of programmed or customizable light themes. The JBL Pulse delivers a stereo punch with clear and powerful sound in a portable device that can turn any space into a party place ¬ for hours at a time. Who knew you could have this much fun in any space you choose? Great sound. LED-pulsed rhythms. And a portable party rolled up into one fun-friendly package.

JBL Flip 2

Amazing wireless sound in a small, portable form factor.
- Aux Connection
- Rechargeable Battery
- Built in Microphone
-Bluetooth Connectivity

The award-winning Flip 2 wireless portable speaker from JBL brings rich sound into your portable lifestyle for all your wireless phones and tablets. Engineered with JBL aptitude and attitude, the Flip 2 uses two drivers and a built-in bass port for powerful bass that adds dynamic depth to your listening experience along with crisp vocals all in a speaker that fits in your hand. And because sometimes your phone is for more than music, the Flip 2 has a built in microphones and SoundClear® echo and noise cancellation technologies so you can use Flip 2 as a hands free speakerphone and never miss a word. JBL Flip 2 the wireless, portable, rechargeable battery powered speaker that is an all-terrain party you can carry in the palm of your hand.

JBL Clip+ 

Ultra portable rechargeable Bluetooth speaker with carabiner.
- Aux Connection
- Rechargeable Battery
- Built-in Microphone
- Bluetooth Connectivity
- Clip-on Convenience

The JBL Clip+ is an ultra-light, ultra-rugged and ultra-powerful portable speaker. This splashproof upgrade to the JBL Clip+ provides 5 hours of playtime, so you can take your music wherever you go, over land or water. Stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth, or plug it into any smartphone or tablet with its integrated audio cable. Use the speakerphone to make clear, noise and echo free phone calls. The JBL Clip+ earns its name with its built-in carabiner, clipping to your clothes or backpack so you can enjoy any adventure.


N90Q - Headphones that listen to your ears.

Presenting the world’s first headphones with TruNote technology. The AKG N90Q, inspired by GRAMMY award winner, Quincy Jones. 

True to our legacy of supreme quality and innovation, AKG presents the N90Q. The world’s first bespoke headphones. With noise cancelling and built in auto calibration that instantly optimizes sound to your ears’ anatomy, you get the most accurate sound reproduction possible. In addition, tone and sound imaging control help you achieve sound signatures tailor made for your choice in music.

Changing the way the world listens

Harman Kardon Esquire Mini


- Andriod Compatible
- iOS Compatibility
- Bluetooth Connectivity
- Leather Finish

Harman Kardon Esquire Mini is a bold, state-of-the-art solution exceeding the needs of the on-the-go professional. No attention-to-detail has been spared – from the lineup of premium materials utilized by master craftsmanship to the chic, urban styling of its sublime, uni-body design. Completely portable and wireless, it provides exceptional sound from its dual, high-performance drivers and enhanced bass port design – for the best quality sound in its category. Esquire Mini is also Bluetooth®-enabled, for full stereo streaming with your favorite devices. It doubles as a conference phone system with dual-microphone and built-in echo and noise cancellation technology for superb sound and USB access to recharge your favorite devices. An 8-hour, rechargeable Li-ion battery promises remote accessibility while its runway-ready, head-turning appearance translates to an indispensible travel companion for work or play. Step up your image and add more style and sophistication to your music with the Harman Kardon Esquire Mini.

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