Celebrate Singapore's 50 birthday with Fish & Co

Celebrate Singapore's 50 birthday with Fish & Co with every purchase of Fish & Co. SG50 Set! There are 5 designs in total to collect!

Fish & Co. SG50 Set- A most delightfully grilled white fish is drizzled with savoury sedap chilli crab sauce and served with crispy white baits, topped off with a glass of Coca-Cola.  All this at just $26.95, plus you will also receive a limited edition SG50 aluminium Coca-Cola bottle. While stocks last!

For the pioneers, enjoy a 50% discount off the limited edition Fish & Co. SG50 set with another main course purchased from 1-31 Aug 2015.

Bait on it while you can! 

Also check out their seasonal menu too!!!
’Tis the season for Norwegian Salmon! 

Personally love Salmon a lot among the fishes... 
Do you know that Salmon is a healthier alternative to red meat. It is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, particularly EPA and DHA, which are nature's heart medicines.

So here are the 3 dishes available this season!!!

 Salmon Capraccio

Coat of Cajun

Taste of Tandoori

Try their Lychee Mojito!!! 
Exotic Cuban concoction of lychee, mint and lime.

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  1. Which is better Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
    ANSWER THE POLL and you could receive a prepaid VISA gift card!