Will we expect long queue for SG50 Hello Kitty?

McDonald’s Singapore’s popular Hello Kitty soft toys are out! The first design Trishaw Uncle edition is out today! 

Each week, a new design will go on sale. The next will be SG50 Parade, Orchid Lover, Durian Lover and Samsui Woman collectibles. A limited edition Hello Kitty plush collectible dressed as a McDonald’s crew will be available on Aug 6 from 11am onwards.

The six exclusive SG50 Hello Kitty plush collectibles are simply too adorable and irresistible!

Can't wait to get them all?
Starting from today, 11am onwards, customers will be able to purchase this SG50-themed Hello Kitty plush collectible at S$5 each with every purchase of an Extra Value Meal. Each customer can buy up to four Hello Kitty Plush Collectibles per store visit.

To prevent wastage of food scenario to happen again, for customers who do not want the Extra Value Meal can tell the counter crew that they want to donate it to The Food Bank Singapore, under a partnership between McDonald’s and the non-profit group. Food vouchers will be given to the group’s beneficiaries.

Purchase them online
Customers can also purchase the entire SG50 Hello Kitty Collector’s Set online. Online sales start on July 20, 11am at onlinestore.mcdonalds.com.sg.

Surprisingly there was no queue at 1pm on the 1st day sale( 27 July 2015)