Coca-Cola celebrates SG50 with the launch of limited edition SG50 aluminium bottles

Ask any Singaporean "What are the things that make us Singaporean?” and they will most likely hear them mentioning living in an HDB flat, learning five stones in primary school, or undergoing National Service.

To celebrate this unique identity and heritage, Coca-Cola has released a set of five limited edition SG50 aluminium bottles. 

“50 years is a coming-of-age and Singapore has developed into a nation with a strong culture, underpinned by shared traditions and experiences,” said Gill McLaren, General Manager, Coca-Cola Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. “Coca-Cola has been bringing people together in Singapore for nearly 80 years, and we wanted to give people the opportunity to reminisce, over a bottle of Coke, about the places and icons that make Singapore unique. We hope that the bottles will evoke happy memories for people and create special shared moments between friends, family members, colleagues and even neighbours.”

The design of the collectible bottles
The five collectible bottles feature well-known places and icons that have connected Singapore over the last 50 years. The first design commemorates the few bird singing corners left in Singapore, where the pioneer generation habitually gather to listen to the sounds of their songbirds and catch up with friends over a game of Chinese chess. The second design remembers the childhood game of five stones, which could transform any corner of the school, home or kampong into a playground. The third design captures the place many of us call home – the HDB flats where we start a family, build a home and grow as a community, a home that is unique to the Singaporean landscape. The fourth design salutes the National Service milestone, a story of pride, honour and brotherhood that connects every son of Singapore, and the final design depicts the extensive network of our MRT lines, connecting us to wherever we need to go.

 “There aren’t many bird singing corners left in Singapore, but those of us who appreciate the singing and beauty of birds in the early morning quietness, still visit almost every day, because we remember the idyllic days of living in a kampong, and we cherish the social harmony and community spirit that all of us share,” said Robin Chua, Vice-Chairman of the Kebun Baru Birdsinging Club. “So it’s really fantastic to see the bird singing corners commemorated on the SG50 Coca-Cola aluminium bottle. It reminds us that we are still very much a part of the Singaporean story.”

Share your favourite Singaporean memories
To encourage people to share their favourite Singaporean memories and connect with one another, Coca-Cola will be running a series of guerrilla activations, focusing on the memories surrounding the five Singaporean icons. Starting from 10 July 2015, Singaporeans will be taken for a surprise trip down memory lane with fun, engaging games specially designed to get people connecting with one another.

The details of these guerrilla activations will not be publicised but fans can check out the Coca-Cola Facebook page at for hints on where the activations will take place. The limited edition aluminium bottles are available island wide in all major supermarkets and convenience outlets, for the Recommended Selling Price (RSP) of $2.95. High-resolution images of the aluminium bottles can be downloaded from here.

 The aluminium bottles are part of Coca-Cola’s ongoing ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, which will run until the end of August. As part of the campaign fans can create personalised Coca-Cola cans at ‘Share a Coke’ roadshow across Singapore. For more details on the roadshow locations and timings, visit



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