Pen Cai for Chinese New Year + Blog Promotion

Prosperity Flambe Pen Cai  from Park Palace, Grand Park City Hall.

Originally from Hong Kong, "Pen Cai" (盆菜), which literally means 'vegetables in a basin', is an indulgent affair where layers of ingredients like Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Roasted duck, Pork Belly, Radish, Black Mushroom, Fatt Choy, Black Fungus are braised in a fragrant gravy and served steaming hot. This dish is becoming more and more popular over the years and you often seen them on the menu of many hotels and restaurants during the Chinese New Year Period. Just like the "Yusheng", this dish also symbolises prosperity and abundance.

So why it was called the basin food?
It was said that Poon Choi was invented during the late Song Dynasty. When Mongol troops invaded Song China, the young Emperor fled to the area around Guangdong Province and Hong Kong. To serve the Emperor as well as his army, the locals collected all their best food available, cooked it, and because there were not enough containers, put the resulting dishes in wooden washbasins. In this way, Poon Choi was invented.

Few days back, I was invited to Park Palace, Grand Park City Hall (新加坡君樂皇府酒店) for Lunar new Year Lunch. It was my 1st time trying their "Pen Cai"  (盆菜)  and I really love it.

This was the menu for that day.

Golden Shunde Yu Sheng
This Spring Festival, the art of tossing Yu Sheng will get a shimmering gold boost as Park Palace enhances its signature Shunde Yu Sheng to a premium Golden Shunde Yu Sheng. Elevate the glamorous charm of your Chinese New Year celebrations with the Golden Shunde Yu Sheng!
A distinctly-prepared delicacy hailing from Shunde – a river town in China’s Guangdong province - renowned for its freshwater fish and fresh produce, this luxurious gourmet treat uses fresh Yellowtail, while the base of crispy fried vermicelli is vibrantly adorned with slender slices of ginger, spring onions, crunchy capsicums and finely grounded peanuts; tossed in a special concoction of fragrant peanut oil and premium soya sauce. Boasting a refreshing twist with none of the cloying sweetness that may overwhelm the palate, this exquisite offering is given the finishing touch with gold dust and gold flakes.

The Yusheng is available for lunch and dinner at $88++ each.
And also available for take-away too! Scroll down to read more on the take-away!

Imperial Suckling Pig

This is the 1st course of the Suckling Pig!
The skin tasted really crispy and delicious!

Golden Happiness Crispy Garoupa
I love the crispy skin with the sweet and sour sauce!

Another savoury delight making its debut this year is the Prosperity Flambe Pen Cai.

Steeped in symbolisms of goodness and abundance, this delicacy is brimming with 18 luxuriant ingredients inclusing Sliced Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Whole Conpoy, Prawn Balls, Roasted Duck, Roasted Pork Belly, Duck Web, Soya Chicken, Fatt Choy, Black Mushroom, Lotus Root, Broccoli, Radish, Beancurd Skin, Gingko Nut and Black Fungus with quality stock in a casserole pot.

I bet this take some skill to master it!

Kids at home, please do not try this! hahaha...

Adding a twist this year's creation, the Prosperity Flambe Pen Cai is infused with Cognac, and flambeed to bring out the rich flavours and tastes of it ingredients, with a tang of alcohol. demonstration of culinary and flair by their service personnel, diners will also be enthralled as the majestic flames dance before their eyes.

Lunar New Year Prosperity Flambé Pen Cai Set Dinner (Grand Ballroom)
9 February

  • $528++ (for six persons)

comprising Prosperity Flambé Pen Cai, Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng; Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Diced Pork and Ginseng; Steamed Live Soon Hock with Light Soya Sauce, Stewed Ee-fu Noodles with Chives; Chilled Mango Cream with Sago and Pomelo and Pan-fried Nian Gao.

  • $838++ (for ten persons)

comprising Prosperity Flambé Pen Cai, Bountiful Salmon Yu Sheng; Signature Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Sea Whelk and Diced Pork; Steamed Live Red Grouper with Light Soya Sauce; Fried Glutinous Rice with Preserved Meat & Chinese Sausage; Chilled Mango Cream with Sago & Pomelo and Deep Fried Sesame Ball.

Prosperity Flambé Pen Cai (à la carte and takeaway)
21 January to 24 February

  •  $268++ (for six persons)
  •  $428++ (for ten persons)

 Imperial Suckling Pig
Over baked with Lemongrass (2nd course)
This is unique! I have never try such way of cooking!

Auspicious Glutinous Rice with Foie Gras and Preserved Meat.
This is one of my favorite! I like the crispy texture of the rice (just like claypot rice)!

Steamed Mini Pumpkin Dumpling with Green Bean Paste
They looked too CUTE to be eaten I swear! 

Chinese New Year Set Menus

  • $78++ per person (a maximum of two persons)
  • $288++ per table (for four persons)  
  • $438++ per table (for six persons)  
  • $588++ per table (for eight persons)  
  • $788++ to $2388++ per table (for ten persons)

*Orders to be made at least one day in advance.

Highlights : Auspicious Glutinous Rice with Foie Gras; Golden Happiness Crispy Grouper; Kurobuta Pork Ribs with Strings of Fortune; Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng; Braised Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat in Pumpkin Stock; Roasted Whole Suckling Pig; and many more.

Early Bird Special: Book now and dine-in from 21st Jan to 7th Feb to enjoy 20%off to Lunar New Year Set Menus or A’la Carte.


Complimentary bottle of house red wine per table of minimum 10 pax.
Please provide promotion code: "" during reservations via email/phone.

Festive Goodies & Takeaway Specials
21 January to 24 February

Reunite with family and friends, and celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Snake with tempting celebratory takeaways. Choose from perennial favourites such as the Auspicious Abalone Yu Sheng ($68+ - medium, $88+ - large) and Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng ($48+ - medium, S$68+ - large), Park Palace’s signature Imperial Suckling Pig at $238+, Good Fortune Dang Gui Roasted Duck at $68+, Lunar New Year Fish Nian Gao at $32+, Nonya Pineapple Tarts at $20+ and more. Imbibe the full splendour of the season and show your appreciation to family, friends and business partners with the perfect gifts of this spring festival.

Lunar New Year New Year ‘Pen Cai’
$268+ (for 6 persons)
$428+ (for 10 persons)

Park Palace Imperial Whole Suckling Pig

发 财 鲍鱼捞 起
Propitious Abalone Yu Sheng
Medium中 $68+/ Large大 $88+

Auspicious Yellowtail Fish Yu Sheng
Medium中 $55+/ Large大 $75+

发 财 三 文 鱼 捞 起
Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng
Medium中 $48+/ Large大 $68+

明炉烧鸭 1只
Good Fortune Dang Gui Roasted Duck
$68+ (Whole)

Lunar New Year Fish Nian Gao
$32+ per box

Nonya Pineapple Tart
$20+ (500g)

Longevity Carrot Cake
$18+ (1kg)

Sweetened Crispy Walnut
$18+ (300g)

Homemade XO Sauce 250g
$18+ (250g)


Wishing everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai in advance!!!
Hope you enjoying Chinese New Year with your family & friends!!!

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